Friday 13: Pop Quiz

Du has today off, so we have a three day weekend! To celebrate I’m giving you a pop quiz. 13 actually. Heather used to do these a lot. Dandelionmom posted a bunch of these recently, so I’m basically stealing them from her. Before you do anything though head over to Best Posts of the WeekContinue reading “Friday 13: Pop Quiz”

Friday 13: Dear God, I’m Curious

There are things in life you understand. There are those things in life that capture your imagination. And then there are those things in life where you wonder what exactly God’s plan was… I don’t question God on many things. His wisdom is infinite. Mine is…lacking. His choices are always for good. Mine…not so much.Continue reading “Friday 13: Dear God, I’m Curious”

Friday 13: Cheap Dates

I’m easy. To please that is. Let me explain that. I’m all for dates both expensive and cheap. I’m just as comfortable dressing up in a gown, eating steak and lobster, and hobnobbing with the rich and famous (those who think they are) as I am dressing in jeans and going people watching at the mallContinue reading “Friday 13: Cheap Dates”

Friday 13: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

*Happy first day of the Olympics. That’s all I’m going to say about it because I’m boycotting it.* Whew, thanks for letting me take the breather last week. I’m back, refreshed and not “having my moon” as Insane Mama so eloquently and euphemistically calls it. I am adopting that term for forever, or at least untilContinue reading “Friday 13: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things”

So You Think You Can Homeschool

When people find out I homeschool I get two distinct reactions, and they usually come from the same people. Wow, that’s great! Even so,  I could never do that. The reasons I get are varied, but I rarely hear the old standby: “what about socialization?” Parents can be their children’s teachers. I’m the perfect example. IContinue reading “So You Think You Can Homeschool”