Flashback Friday

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Leigh Anne is over at her blog flashing back about our hairstyles posted for posterity in our Senior year book. So head on over there after reading here to see me in all my early 90s glory. I will say that that was my hair between my Junior and Senior years (and in prior years my bangs were so high they could have been considered a satellite receiver). During my Senior year I had the “I couldn’t care less” attitude and didn’t worry about fixing my hair. And you know what, it actually looked better just straight and not jacked to Jesus. That’s how I still wear it…

Her flashback prompted me to flash back–mainly because I wanted to search my name really quickly and make sure that no one could find too much information by Googling. I found a page on the internet that reminded me that I…used…to…run. I know! DON’T FAINT! Me, exercise!

I ran cross country for two years in college–after my hair days of high school. Who could run successfully with wind-breaker bangs and wings? I’ll admit right now I hated it. Every minute of it. Except for crossing the finish line. That was the best part. And then going out to eat as a team afterwards. That was good too. Apparently I was pretty good though (relatively). What I ran across on the internet was a score sheet for a meet I ran in 1994. I came in 3rd in my school and 34th overall. There were 81 runners. So there were more people that finished behind me than in front of me…woohoo! I had some kind of skillz!

What made me run though? My brother, two years younger, was running in high school. I admired him for his dedication and how good he was. I knew it was a challenge I had never presented to myself before. I think I just wanted to prove to myself I could do it. That would explain the first year. What made me run the second year? Who knows. Maybe it was the pride in my parents’ faces as they watched me run at some of my meets. Maybe it was actually knowing I could do it. Actually, it was a God thing. Had I not been a runner I don’t think my future husband would have been as interested in me. He liked that I was athletic. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Little did he know…

That specialness wore off after the second year and I convinced myself that continuing to run was benefiting no one. I had snagged my man and had proved to myself I could do it. And getting up at 0600 to run first thing in the morning sucked. Agnes Scott was not an easy school. Grades were earned by hard work and late nights…which transitioned into early mornings of sprint practice in the freezing cold (what I consider freezing). And I couldn’t wear gloves because they tickled my wrists when I ran. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

I don’t know if I could run long distances now. I’ve had two babies, both over 8 pounds… I think my uterus would fall out if I ran very far. Maybe I need a cerclage. Nevertheless, thanks Leigh Anne, I enjoyed the “jog” down memory lane, even if it wasn’t of high school times.

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14 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. yeah, so just be glad for small favors…..that picture was post sky-scraper bangs. which i, too, tried to achieve many mornings in the eighth grade. fortunately, any product i could score was no match for my ginormously heavy hair….so i gave up after a few months. ennyhoo, i didn’t know you were a runner. i admire runners’ something or other, but every time i see one, they always look so unhappy. so i have to wonder if it’s a great idea, given that life is short, and so is the lifespan of our knees. just saying.

  2. Oh dang…I totally didn’t ask if it would be OK for me to keep our names under the pictures. SO SORRY! But mine’s right there with ya…

    Don’t be telling people that you are no longer a runner. ‘Cause we-who-are-not-skinny like to pretend that you jog to Gulf Shores and back, every single day. It’s how that figure is maintained, RIGHT?????

  3. Thank you for your visit!! You mentioned living in Alabama for a year and siding with the Tide. Great choice!! Love meeting fellow Alabamians. Thank you for the visit. I hope that you have a great weekend.

  4. You’re going to laugh but I had to “jog” with my daughter for a Mother Daughter event on Friday. Well my bladder let go and yes you guessed it. A mess. One of those undocumented side effects of child birth. Needless to say I won’t be doing that again.

  5. I haven’t run in at least 10 years but the other day I was taking my daughter out for a walk in her stroller and I decided to jog for a bit. After about 40 feet, my heart was beating 1000 times a minute and my feet felt like scuba flippers. And that was downhill. I’ll stick to walking.

  6. I’ve done the running thing off and on – but I’ve never felt ONE endorphin. I’m convinced that it’s a matter of biology. I’m naturally slow (seriously – old people pass me) and heavy (by this I mean literally heavy – I can wear size a 4 and I still weigh more than people who wear an 8). I honestly think some bodies are made for running and others aren’t. SO if you feel like yours was meant to run – you’d probably get used to any unpleasant gravitational effects quickly enough…

  7. Saw those photos over at Lulaville! Aren’t yearbooks great? Not! I’m a high school English teacher and Yearbook adviser, and I can tell you the YB is the most popular activity in the school! BTW, Uncle Lynn answers your questions today over at my place in celebration of my Sweet Centennial. I also gave BPOTW a “shout-out.” Please stop on by!

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