I think there’s a  Coldplay song by that title that I like.

I’m getting ready to set my clocks back an hour. This silly little ritual always manages to mess with people, whether we’re supposed to jump ahead an hour or fall behind an hour. I know there will be people showing up to church an hour early tomorrow. . .

Kind of like how we showed up an hour late one year. I’ve posted about that before, but you probably weren’t reading me back then. I’m including the link below in case you want to read about this pretty funny story (if you ask me) and get a little bit of Vintage Vicki (I like that title!).

Spring Forward Or Else…

Hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep! If you have children still dependent on you for breakfast making, or even just to get them out of their beds, then you will not have enjoyed that extra hour. I know I’ll be feeling your pain.

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10 thoughts on “Clocks…

  1. oh my…there will be a time when my kiddos won’t get me up in the morning…. *dreaming* wow… and we switched our clocks back last weekend…. and the kids adjusted okay, but are getting up too early urgh

  2. I really DIG vintage Vicki! She’s groooovy!

    I left donuts on the counter so I can grab an extra few before the mad Sunday dash begins….then hubs reminded me that we should check on the pregnant cow ASAP in the morning-as in BEFORE children get up. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment-after I bribed them with sugar and everything!

  3. at my house, there is a clock fairy who handles all this for me, and patiently endures as i ask again and again: ‘what time is it REALLY?’ i think i’m harder to deal with than the toddler.

  4. One of the perks of living in AZ – we stay the same all year around! I was in Florida 2 years ago when the time switched, and everyone forgot about it. We were all reminded when my poor nephew let his parents know that they were an hour late in feeding him. Don’t mess with babies! Their internal clocks are strong!

  5. We don’t have to set our clocks forward or backward…. it does confuse my family though because the time difference between us changes and they forget about that. My clock is one that sets itself, so it set itself back an hour this morning… I was wondering why I felt a bit more awake this morning!

  6. We set all the clocks back last night — all except my son’s watch. When I got up at 6:30, I met my son in the hallway. “I needed to be ready at 7:30, right?”

    Good news: Even though it was on accident, he ended up acting responsibly. And he was a good sport about it.

    Bad news: The kid used almost all the hot water. I always make him shower last b/c he takes FOREVER.

    Oh well. Still glad the time changed.

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