We Will Never Forget

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” There is an evil and a hatred out there that, as individuals, we can only conquer with love and prayer. Governments, however, are called to a different purpose, and their job is to protect and defend. So, while I personally will pray for those who persecute us, I’m hoping that our government willContinue reading “We Will Never Forget”

Calling a woman a slut is NOT a war on women

We’ve gotten so good at throwing around extremes. We love everything and everyone, we’re BFFs with any and everyone. Not getting the latest iPhone on its release day makes it the worst day ever. Really? There are people who want to say that calling a woman a slut is war on women. Maybe they’re alsoContinue reading “Calling a woman a slut is NOT a war on women”

Stick to tradition or move on?

I have mixed feelings about this picture*: It is an absolutely stunning portrait of Michelle Obama. On the other hand, it is a high-fashion, posed image of the First Lady of the United States. Michelle has great style (most of the time). There is no precedence saying that America’s first ladies cannot express their personalContinue reading “Stick to tradition or move on?”

You’ve got to stand for something…

President Obama Makes Hu Jintao Look Good On Rights (the full text of the editorial is below) I don’t believe what is coming out of either of their mouths. In school we’ve been studying WWII and the period directly after it. What struck me when we were reading about Truman wasn’t the fact that heContinue reading “You’ve got to stand for something…”

The next get rich quick smarties

The whole sky-is-falling mantra of Al Gore in relation to global warming is taking a turn for the landfills, thankfully. There are plenty of people still worried about climate change and how humans affect it. Whether the climate change is anthropomorphic or a God-ordained event, I am going to help do something about it! For onlyContinue reading “The next get rich quick smarties”

Speaking about motherhood is SO traumatic! (according to Duke)

Yet Another Case of Campus Discrimination Duke stops group from using Women’s Center Duke University cancels motherhood eventwhen pro-life group participates Click on the title above to read the articles. “We had a very strong reaction from students in general who use our space who said this was something that was upsetting and not OK.Continue reading “Speaking about motherhood is SO traumatic! (according to Duke)”