Yearn for the burn

You know, I used to be in shape. In high school I was in shape because I was active all the time. In college I ran cross country for two years and was still pretty active. After college…not so much. And that was over ten years ago. Yikes.

One can only guess what has happened with my cardiovascular health.

There have been blips on the exercise radar since the hey days of activity. In Germany Du and I took the EAS Challenge, but my goal was to tone up, not really to improve my cardiovascular health. In New Mexico I walked around the block a couple of times when I was pregnant. In Virginia I did actually visit the inside of the gym. But having to drive to the gym and take a toddler and workout in the family room and deal with other people’s screaming, snotty kids became a little too much for me. I started partying with Denise Austin. But she’s an early bird and I am not. I quickly broke up with her.

I ran once while in Missouri and we all know what happened then (remember the talk of uteruses falling out?). I tried working out in my own bedroom before the girls woke up. But my bed had some kind of magnetic force field and my body just gravitated towards it. Plus, it was cold a lot in Missouri.

So here we are. A new state, a new phase in life, a nagging sense that I’ve got to get this heart in shape. We’ve lost our key card to the community fitness center. I’m too cheap to pay for a gym membership (that I know I wouldn’t use). And it’s getting cold outside. The only thing is to workout inside my house. Bo-ring. EXCEPT! for a little thingie called the Wii Fit!!


Is it ridiculous to think that a plastic box I step on magically attached to a fitness game will get my butt heart in shape? Not when you turn getting into shape into a video game! I’m counting on it. I can just imagine myself wanting to exercise because it will be fun. I’ll be teaching Reagan and decide that the next thirty minutes would be the best time for me to exercise. I’ll get my workout in while Reagan happily does her work and Ashlyn sits quietly on the floor coloring. (Does anyone see the irony in any of this?) It can happen. Yes Wii Mii can!

I’ll keep you posted,

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17 thoughts on “Yearn for the burn

  1. Who says patience doesn’t pay off? 10 years of gentle prompting, then I encourage the “video game work out” and … success! Lord willing, my wife’s heart hopefully will now help her make it to 100!

  2. The Fit is so much fun! I got it for Mother’s Day last year, but have only really been able to start playing on it…. I don’t do so well with balance games while pregnant. 🙂 Alex really likes playing on it, too…. it’s quite funny to watch him trying to do yoga.

  3. I’ve been really curious about that… I was all about exercise when Oliver and then the twins would be happy to sit in the stroller while I pushed it up hills. But now they’re older and want to get out and run around. I need a new exercise plan!

  4. I hope it works! Totally keep us posted, because I am in the exact same boat as you. I keep thinking about getting into shape, but I think I need to Do something to stay in shape! I just figure that maybe walking to the library will fix my problems, but it’s so cold out.

  5. Girl we are getting a Wii to this year and I soooooo want the Wii Fit…I am counting on it to..I would really like to tone up….I will pray it works for both of us…lol…

    Have a wonderful turkey day!!

  6. The Wii fit is HARD! The boys got one and I tried the yoga thinking it would be easy. NOT! I learned how un-balanced I am. I had more fun creating my Mii character! LOL! I remember the EAS challenge…. we were pretty buff!!
    hugs, Jami

  7. Visiting from Best Post of the Week (but I think I may have been here before…all the blogs are starting to get mixed up in my head). I got the Wii Fit when it came out and was so excited. It does really stretch you out and the boxing and hula hoops can really start you breathing hard. There are some more games out now that use the balance board that are supposed to get you moving. Of course, as with any exercise program I start, it went by the wayside after about 2 months…but that is just me!

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