Ball gown CRISIS (and you get to vote!)

Well, I guess gown is pushing it a little bit. And crisis? Who do I think I am? Work with me though…

I got my ball dress! Not exactly my dream gown that made me look like a wood fairy, but it’s really cute. And those awesome shoes I got for $19 on sale from $145 in Orlando this February? Yeah, they’ll work. God is good isn’t he? I’m going to remind you that the dress code for this “ball” is anything from a full-length gown to Christmas sweaters. And it’s on a Thursday night. I know. So I’m going for safe, middle of the road. Well, as safe as I get when it comes to dressing up.


So, my question for you is. Hose or no hose? I’m not a fan of wearing hose with open toed shoes like this– mine are even more sandal-y than the model’s–but if that’s what everyone is doing then I guess I can manage for the night. I have used self tanner before (you have got to read this post if you haven’t before) so I could try that again if needed. Please, help me decide, and if you have other ideas drop those in the poll too. I’m looking for chic, not geek.

Fashion challenged when it matters most,

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10 thoughts on “Ball gown CRISIS (and you get to vote!)

  1. I say go comfy… and if you don’t like hose…I don’t either, but they do make my chunky legs look better so when I have to, I wear them… then don’t wear them…

    Have a great time…

  2. LOVE THE DRESS!! Ditch the hose and go bare~ I wouldn’t even mess around with the self tanning if you don’t want too! Check your email-I just sent one about our ladies night…we’re anxious for our evening out…we have a table of 8 planned-you guys, us, Brian and Mary, and Karl and Gretchen-it will be a blast~Have a great day! Hugs~

  3. I’m sorry, but I cannot advocate hose with open toed shoes. I think I’m going to go spray tanning – you know where you stand in the booth and they shoot fake tanner at you? Yeah, I’ll let you know how that one works out…

  4. pretty! I always say hose! (had to retype that sentence a BUNCH-kept sounding bad LOL) But I like me a nice control-top!–if you go bare I say add some sparkle lotion or something–twinkle baby!

  5. Open toed = no hose. Sorry, them’s the rules. If you’re feeling on the pale side you can go with a tanner or a subtle sparkly lotion to give a little color.

  6. Check with Lee; she found some hose that are to be worn with open toed shoes, but maybe not strappy ones as yours are, worth checking out. Fake bake it (don’t forget the gloves) or glitter.

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