Does anyone know a website for a chastity belt?

Previously I’ve blogged about my oldest, who is all of six (and a half, let it be known), and her penchant to want to kiss a boy. Remember the quote: “I would so kiss him.” This led me to write “The Princesses Are Sexualizing My Daughter“. I got a lot of advice answering the questions I put forward to y’all. I don’t think any advice would be much help with my latest dilemma…

We were in church tonight, CHURCH of all places, and we dropped our youngest daughter off at the nursery. What kind of trouble can an almost two year old get into at a church nursery? Let me tell you. While we were learning about God and Abraham and Abimelech our daughter was getting an education of a different kind, or should I say, she was giving the education to a poor, unsuspecting, helpless victim.

After our time with God we went to gather our little progeny. She came walking out to us looking all innocent enough. She’s not even crying any more when we drop her off. And we were soon to find one possible reason why.

A boy.

Jennifer, the nursery manager/coordinator/couldn’tlivewithoutherhelp person came up behind her to spill the beans. “She and my son kissed during nursery! Three times!” Wha? Wha!?! I’m sure she was trying to cover and make us feel a little better because I’m sure she should have said, “your daughter was chasing my son down and kissing him.” We both died laughing. Mind you they were the little peck kisses that toddlers give.

Apparently our prompting her to always give us kisses and her learning how to make the actual kissing noise was too much for her to keep to herself. Now she’s practicing on unsuspecting little boys. At least I hope he was unsuspecting. Jennifer, do we need to separate them already?

What’s that address for chastity belts? And do they make them for toddlers? Maybe a chihuahua muzzle would be more appropriate.

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18 thoughts on “Does anyone know a website for a chastity belt?

  1. Don’t feel too bad…my son and his “20 years away wife-to-be” have been having those episodes since I can remember…in fact, he told us the day of the AU/UA game, he said “I don’t have to kiss M today do I? She always wants to kiss me!” You laugh…but we have made them keep the door open when they play in another room!!! THEY ARE 5!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I am learning they grow up way too fast!

  2. Oh, this is just the cutest thing EVER! You need to give Jennifer a video camera so she can get this preserved. Then when your kiddo is older, oh say, a tween, you can show it to her and embarrass the hell out of her! Especially if said boy still goes to her school!

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