Just Call Me Mrs. Claus

I was at the VA Home the other day walking down the hall. As I was passing one of the residents he asked me if I believed in Santa.

(An aside here. I don’t believe in Santa. We don’t even do Santa at Christmas.)

I had no time to give a response though because he kept on talking:

” ’cause you’re going to get dirty coming down the chimney
when I ask for you for Christmas.”


All I could do was continue to smile politely and sort of shake my head and be on my merry little way. Although dirty that has to be the most clever pick up line I’ve ever heard.




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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

25 thoughts on “Just Call Me Mrs. Claus

  1. Old men rock… how funny – Sadly I started the “Santa” thing with my daughter and so we can’t leave him out completely but we are slowly giving less and less glory to him. Last year Santa only gave one gift under the tree (bikes) and filled the stockings… this year he is only doing the stockings and they are going to be 1/2 as filled. The kids are also only getting 3 gifts under the tree (from mom and dad) because Jesus only got 3 gifts !

  2. Old men pick up lines rock! They always make you feel special, huh? 🙂

    Apparently, senior living places are full of flirts. My great-grandma cracked me up with her mortal feud with the old man across the hall. She was convinced he was trying to hook up with her because he asked her to come over and eat chili. “Chili! Hurmph! I know what that old coot wants! Mmm-hmmm!”

    Too funny.

  3. One of my dearest friends went to visit her mother at the home and caught her in bed with one of the male residents… my friends children were with her…she said they were so shocked they didn’t even ask who granny’s friend was and what was he doing in her bed! We still howl with laughter when it is mentioned because her mother really was suffering from some dementia and NEVER would have done that in her right mind! 🙂

  4. Oh my! I had as much fun reading the comments from some of your readers as I did reading your original post – wow! There are some wild stories about “mature” people!

    good for you to keep smiling and go on your way … I think I would have been very flustered!

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