So long, 2016!

We slayed 2016 and now it’s on to conquer 2017! . . . ugly Christmas sweaters and all! Here’s wishing all my friends out there a safe and prosperous new year. Learn from the past. Aim for better in the future. Rely on God for the big and small things. Also, this IS NOT QUITEContinue reading “So long, 2016!”

Bernie in a Boat

Y’all, the man on the left hand side of the photo looks like Bernie Sanders. He’s floating down the Potomac just like his dreams of becoming president. . . Presets are great when you know the look you’re wanting and you know you have a preset already that can get you there without having toContinue reading “Bernie in a Boat”

You can’t just go out and complete a half-marathon. . .

I’m going to pass along my advice on training for a half-marathon. Do it. Train, that is. And that is all. I have old-lady hips now. I’m not even 40 yet. We participated in the Shamrock Half-Marathon this past weekend in Va Beach. We’ve known about it for a while. We signed up sometime lastContinue reading “You can’t just go out and complete a half-marathon. . .”

Hoarders could be filmed in my car

I think everyone has the same reaction when they watch Hoarders: it’s a train wreck that you’re horrified by, yet you can’t manage to turn your head. This was our car last week: Please don’t gasp too loudly, I’m baring my soul here. It does make me sick though. There’s literally crap everywhere. There wereContinue reading “Hoarders could be filmed in my car”

The kids have gone cra cra

As a parent it becomes your duty to force your kids to help clean up around the house. Chores, whether paid or not, are doled out to the kids like unsuspected torture and the noises that come from their little pie holes make it seem like no one’s ever had life as rough. All thatContinue reading “The kids have gone cra cra”

Thank you, Candace Bushnell and Pentagon City

I homeschool for many reasons. One is the flexibility homeschooling affords on so many different levels. We can “do school” in the car on a trip or on a Saturday to make up for a missed weekday. Or we can even play Scrabble as our spelling lesson for the day. That’s what I chose toContinue reading “Thank you, Candace Bushnell and Pentagon City”