It’s Time For Change!

(Long philosophical rant. If you’re looking for happiness, move along.)

Our country is changing. It hasn’t been an immediate change and our new president did not bring upon the change himself. But we are a changing nation. Change is not always good though. You cannot assume that since we are changing it is for good and for the betterment of our nation. In fact, I believe the change we’re undergoing is going to destroy our country.

We are becoming more and more secular progressive. And while many call this “progressive” I call it repeating the same mistakes of nations past. I call it the fall of Rome. We are eschewing the ideals and foundations that are the very things that made this country great and has sustained it for over two hundred years. We’re throwing that away because we think we know better now. We think we’re more intellectual now. Nothing is new under the sun though. We are not getting better, we are not getting smarter. We are becoming more self absorbed while masking that with communal love.

It’s a slow fade…

And this didn’t happen in one day. And it’s not going to get worse because of one man. But I do see this day as a turning point. A point in time when our country is decidedly heading down the wrong path. The wide path, easy to walk on. The popular path, well-worn with shuffling feet wanting the easiest solution the quickest possible way. When in reality we need to be headed down the narrow path. The path where we must follow One who is more than us. The path where we must endure some hardships that will only make us better as we grow beyond ourselves. The path where we can truly help others without hindering them.

Black and white have turned to gray…

Our country is changing and I hope I’m not right when I say that I fear we’ve seen our last actively Christian president. Whether we like to admit it or not the Judeo Christian values that government in general have held are being swept under the rug. Erased from our text books and minds, we are to believe that it was our own human ingenuity that brought us to where we are. And therefore, if need be, we can switch paths when our human desires tell us we’re not where we need to be. God’s providence helped set up this nation. And the Judeo Christian values are what have kept it strong. Revisionists are drooling now waiting to get their hands on more of our history.

Thoughts invade, choices are made, a price will be paid…

And we are being deceived. Young Americans today are shamefully ignorant when it comes to American history. They are not being taught proper American history anymore. Instead, their textbooks are filled with verbiage that is subliminally anti-American. And they believe what their “intellectual” teachers and professors tell them to believe. It has always been natural for youth to question authority. Now that is being adapted. Today, youth is underhandedly taught to question tradition and morals. Take a look at what is on tv, on movie screens and on the radio. Hard, beautiful bodies; scintillating stories; people trying desperately not to age because to age is to fail. To stay young and rebellious against the old guard is what they strive for. And most youth don’t even realize this is what they’re being taught.

I’m lamenting today because to me this day encapsulates the heartache and downfall that our country is experiencing and will only experience in greater and faster degrees now. We’re running full steam ahead into a secular progressive grave that will bury this country and all the good it stood for. Today I am lamenting America’s death, and although it may still take a while to arrive, it is coming. And we are killing it ourselves–from the inside.

For it’s the little feet behind you that are sure to follow…

Today I am lamenting for my two daughters, and our future generations who will have a slim chance of knowing how great our country was. Kids who will not grow up feeling a deep and almost unexpressable love for their country. Kids who will grow up believing that America is what’s wrong with the world and that the word “patriotic” is intolerant. Kids who will think that our Judeo Christian values were intolerant and not worthy of maintaining. Kids who will most likely not have the freedoms that we do today.

Marana tha.

Wake up America! Before it is too late, it’s time for a real change.

(Quotes from Casting Crown’s “Slow Fade”)

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15 thoughts on “It’s Time For Change!

  1. I fully respect your opinion and while I will concede wholeheartedly on a few of your points, I couldn’t disagree with you more overall.

    There were 12,000 different program going on in this country today as part of the National Day of Service. Whether they intended to be or not, they were a very real case study in doing unto others. True faith in action. A cause bigger than any one of the people doing it.

    There was a man on TV today who was encouraging people to not just make this a one day thing, but something to carry through all year. That man was our next president.

    I’m very encouraged by this among other things. Let’s give the administration a chance to actually get in office before we pronounce America dead.

  2. I agree with so much of what you said. We know that the world isn’t ending today, but it is truly significant. I do believe that I will cry when I see Obama being sworn in, primarily for the deaths of so many little ones that will continue.

  3. Oh, my…. I don’t even know where to start on this one. I’m trying to organize my thoughts clearly so they come out sounding nice but my heart is just racing with this one.

    First of all, I understand that you are a Christian. I am totally cool with that. I was raised Southern Baptist and I understand the faith that some people have. BUT – I also understand that not everyone is a Christian. No matter what my beliefs are, I refuse to push them on anyone… much less an entire nation. Many Christians think that we should just rule our government based on the Bible. You know, Jesus wouldn’t want this. The man you worship gave people the right to choose and would never force it on people. So please, don’t force Christianity on our nation. I am so thankful that we live in a country where you can practice Christianity, and others can practice Islam, and others can practice Scientology, or whatever! That is the beauty of our country. Also, I don’t know where this idea that Obama is not a Christian has come from. He is a faithful servant to the Lord – which I find somewhat amusing – but you should find very encouraging. I would dare say he is far more ‘Christian’ than our previous president.

    There is so much more I can say and so many more comments I have for pretty much every sentence in this post, but that is the most pertinent sentiment I can try to convey to you. I’m sorry that you feel our country is headed down the wrong path: a path that will lead us to peace; a path that will lead to health care for all children; a path that will lead us to more affordable higher education (you consider this ‘secular’ and ‘intellectual’ so that may not be a good thing for you); a path that will lead us to worldwide respect rather than hatred.

    I just don’t understand why you are sad for our country. This is such a great day for all of us. I wish you could celebrate with the rest of us.

  4. I feel ya, sista!

    Yet, I still believe that our nation can be saved. We are contending for a revival that leads to a reformation of our country. I believe that I will see it in my lifetime.

    Remember that God would have spared Sodom if there were but 10 righteous. I believe that the righteous of our nation are standing in the gap and we will see our nation changed.

    I feel your dispair. I’m fighting against the same myself. But, somewhere inside me HOPE ABIDES!

    Love ya!

  5. Ashley,

    I am very excited for the pomp and circumstance of today. The inauguration of a new president is always exciting and proves how amazing this country is: that we can peacefully change leadership and that everyone just accepts that this is how it is supposed to happen. So I am thoroughly excited about the ceremonies of today. You know that I am not excited about who took the oath and I am not isolated in these feelings.

    Yes, I am a Christian and therefore follow the teachings of Jesus. My desire is that everyone would have the salvation that comes through Him so that we all may rejoice for eternity in Heaven. However, I do not wish to enforce my beliefs on anyone. I wish that everyone desired it for themselves. And therefore I will lament the fact that this isn’t happening. I wish that everyone WANTED to continue to have our laws be governed by Christian morals and principles. It’s just a fact that this country was founded with Christian morals and principles; not Muslim, not Scientologist, not atheism. And that’s how this country will run best, with Christian principles.

    I doubt very seriously that Jesus would consent to abortions (amongst other travesties) being legal. He might not have taken a stance in the government of His time, but He definitely would not have condoned it. How can Obama then be more Christian than Bush when he is a proponent of abortions? I cannot begin to know Obama’s heart. I *can* see his actions though.

    Our country is headed down the wrong path. Sure, there are many great things that are happening, but bigger government and the abolishment of Christian principles is not the right path. We may gain a temporary peace, but we can not maintain a prolonged peace without a strong military. Every child may have healthcare, but what type of care? British and Canadian patient flock here for our care that is not universal. And at what cost? Government is not the most efficient way to get things done. I don’t see more affordable higher education as a right and definitely not one to be bestowed upon us by the government. Unfortunately, if we haven’t gained respect in the world yet we will not. Now is not the time to be worrying about and seeking world-wide respect. We will never please everyone, especially with our Western views, and to try to do so only weakens our power. I’m a realist (in political philosophy) so this is what is important to me.

    Perhaps Obama’s celebrity will encourage people throughout the nation and somehow God can use that for a great revival. He can do it, He changed Ninevah.

  6. I’m withyou. I’ve been in a funk today too just thinking about the future of our country. It really appears to be a downward spiral.
    I’m studying Isaiah right now and there is always a Remnant. We’ll just have to be strong thru this time.

    Thanks for taking the time to write your heart.


  7. Well said Vicki.

    The new guy is an internationalist and I don’t feel he’ll always put America, the Constitution nor Americans first; today is the end of an era, the American era. Today is a sad day for many reasons. I have had my differences with George W, large and small, but he is a patriot, he loves America. We have seen the removal of the Taliban and of Saddam, along with the caving of Quaddafi; not because they learned to love America but because they learned of our strength. We owe Bush. That will change.

    This new guy is a demagogue of biblical proportions. His goal is to destroy the United States for the New World Order. He will be applauded and glorified by the elites and by our enemies each step of the way while he goes about dismantling the Constitution, absorbing the military, shrinking America’s stature in the world to make us equal with others and will kill America’s ability to generate wealth. Even before today, he has been pursuing victory in 2012 through a vast network of socially organized cadres of mindless minions ready at a moment’s notice to agitate and organize for any victory he needs. Past behavior is a reliable predictor of future behavior. This is what makes that guy’s election a national disaster. A past consisting of Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said, Syrian Tony Rezko, Acorn, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Jeremiah Wright and his membership in the socialist New Party in 1995. This guy’s background does matter. His seedy, vile and violent associations do matter.

    Our Founding Fathers made their decisions according to their moral principles. Most were God fearing, Judeo Christian men. They were guided in their decisions by God because they sought after Him. Our present political “machine” could care less about God and our Country reflects it. The new guy appoints law-breakers to top-level positions and then their crimes are called “mistakes.” America will continue to decline until it seeks the guidance of God and His principles once again.


  8. I totally agree. I got a sick feeling in my gut the other day when my MIL (the company she worked for went out of business at the end of Dec, now has no job) said to her brother on the phone “I don’t need a job, are you kidding my “new president” will be taking care of me”. She plans on staying on unemployment until she can get social security. That, makes me sick. She is totally capable of getting another job, maybe not as great of pay as her last but pretty good, I’d love to make that much. But she figures he’s all about helping everyone out she’s gonna be one of them.
    That is the mind set I’m sick and scared of.

  9. I am giving you a shoutout today on my blog. I love this post. This was so well worded. My sentiments exactly.

    Lula sent me here. Let me know if it’s alright with you to link you in a post on my blog. Thanks.

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