Growing and shrinking

Two very big days here at the Not So SAHM house. Saturday Ashlyn turned two. After failing to put on a worthy party for Ashie’s first birthday I pulled it together for her second. She loves pandas so we had a panda cake:

I hope this doesn't give her nightmares...

But she loved the Oreo milkshake more than the cake.


The triplets came to celebrate with us. In fact we had people from three different states here!


Family from Georgia, Alabama and Florida!
Family from Georgia, Alabama and Florida!

Ashie had a big day!

The very next day Reagan had a big day that started early–before church even! She went from this:


to this:


For a while we’ve been talking to her about donating her hair to Locks of Love. It was so long and so hard to brush through that she couldn’t even do it herself. She had been noncommital about donating until one of her good friends here donated her hair. Since then she’s been ready. This morning as I was trying to comb through the tangled mess I had had enough. “Go get the ruler Du, it’s time.” “Uh, are you sure?” I really wasn’t sure that I’d go through with it. We measured and placed the rubber band though. I grabbed the scissors and made the first cut. No going back. One foot of hair was cut. I cried a little. The hair cut still needs some touching up, but we like it. I am looking forward for it to grow back a little though.

That’s about half of our weekend in a nutshell…I’m not even getting into the Mexican fiesta we went to on Friday night or the Super Bowl party we had tonight. We had a busy weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Growing and shrinking

  1. WOW! Love Reagan’s new ‘do…
    She looks so grown up now. Seven in a couple of weeks…where does the time go?

    Thought of Ashlyn on Saturday and had every intention of sending you an e-mail…but with all our party stuff going on, things got crazy. Of course. Happy belated 2nd birthday to her!

    p.s. Sending you an article in the snail mail–be looking for it later this week.

  2. Ashlyn always looks so happy. Not at all like the wild child we hear so much about. 🙂
    Reagan looks adorable! And that cake …
    I had a total of 14 inches taken off over two different sesssions some years back. Four first. Then 10. (If I had thought, I’d have timed it so it was donatable!) I spent most of my life having hairdressers that wanted to scalp me. And the day I finally decided to whack it all off, NO ONE would touch me. It was crazy!

  3. My daughter is talking about chopping off her hair. I kind of don’t want her to! It’s so long and pretty right now. But she said that by summer she’ll do it because she doesn’t want to be hot. She’ll be eight this summer. I guess she’s old enough to have her hair cut if she reallly wants to. *sniff sniff* I think I will cry when she cuts it….just a little teary.

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