Vicki needs…

a better name obviously.

I decided to play along with a little game going around the blogosphere. I googled “Vicki needs” to see what Google says I need. Try it, except use your own name.  And be prepared to be unimpressed with people who share those letters…

Now, growing up I knew no one else with my name, especially no one who spelled it like I did. It wasn’t until college when I actually came close to another living Vicki and then it took living in Missouri to be good friends with one. Imagine my surprise when my Google search revealed two other bloggers, named Vicki, who had done the exact same thing I was doing. I’m not alone in the world after all…

And after realizing I’m not as unique as I thought I was (moment of self introspection) and feeling sorry for the person named Vicki N33ds on Linked in (hopefully this is her married name) I scrolled down to find out what I indeed need. Here’s a sampling:

Vicki needs…a family that is loving, new tires and some crack
Vicki needs…to go, to get fater (sic), to leave Jeff, to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her
Vicki needs…a wake up call, work and guidance, you, your prayers
Vicki needs…a makeover inside and out, to make money, to stop being the man in the house
Vicki needs…a loan of 2000 soles, your vibes, more attention love and handling
Vicki needs…to grow up and face the music
Vicki needs…slapped

Yes, someone, please slap me. Who are these people that are ruining the good name that isn’t as rare as I once thought? Why didn’t I find things like:

Vicki needs to tell me how she’s so happy all the time
Vicki needs to teach me how to be a great mom
Vicki needs to travel more
Vicki needs to have more mommy time

Mom, maybe you should have named me “Aimee”. I’m going to go google that.

P.S. I tried “Vicki loves” and came up with:
Vicki loves…dental veneers, travel agents, attention, cheat codes and you. Arrggg…

Published by NotSoSAHM

I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

26 thoughts on “Vicki needs…

  1. This is so funny — I found your blog while doing the exact same exercise that this post is about.
    I didn’t know any other Vickis (or is that “Vickies”?) when I was growing up, either. I have found, however, that the majority of Victorias I’ve met over the years have had the middle name “Lynn”. Is that yours, as well?

  2. I am also a ‘Vicki”. I came across this blog doing the very same game that you described. I am laughing so very hard, it’s all so true !!! Apparently the others that share our moniker are not very pleasant bunch . I was also under the assumption that I was unique . I have never run across another with the “i”. Thanks for this laugh .

  3. I’m a “Vicki,” with an “i” too! I came across your blog doing the same game. I always wanted to be “Peggy” I’m going to google THAT.

    Thanks for the smiles today!

  4. I too, came across this site via “Vicki needs”. As for not knowing another Vicki, I have met very few and been friends with none. And I’m sure all you other Vickis would agree that when you tack that “e” on the end of our name, it just looks weird, right?? With all these Vickis on here, I’m wondering why I can never find my name on anything!

  5. This is too funny! My actual name is Vicki, not Victoria, and I knew a few Vickis growing up, my friend’s name was spelled Vikki, however. I hate it when they put the e on the end. Sigh. My middle name is Michelle, not Lynn.

  6. Hey i’m Vicki with an ‘i’ too and i found this blog also playing the same game. just thought i’d leave a note to say that on telly the other day I saw someone who spelt her name VICKKI??? Two K’s, whats that about??!!!!
    p.s I like your ‘loves’ much better than the ‘needs’.

  7. I grew up being not only the only girl who spelled Vicki with an “i” and not a “y”, “ie” or “ey”, but the only Vicki !! There was one girl named Victoria, but no one ever called her Vicki – she was much too elegant (even at 8 yrs old!) Always wished my real name was Victoria so I could have been “elegant”, too. But at 5″1″ I guess I’m too short for such a long name…

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