Your Own…Personal…

Roller Coaster (thought I was going to say Jesus didn’t you?).

a.k.a. Get It On, Bang A Gong, Get It On

I had my very own personal three hour roller coaster ride today, which helps to  explain the gong reference. My head and my rear are both vibrating and my brain feels more like cotton than…yeah…I got nothin’. I can’t even finish that thought. I drove for over twelve hours today. There was a break in there somewhere to stop and see a children’s play, but what does my body care once I’ve stuffed it into a vibrating sardine can for half a day? The last three hours of the drive were on twisty, curvy, mountainous, rural road. And it was dark.

That’s pretty much all I can come up with right now. Cotton is not a good conductor of thoughts.

Published by NotSoSAHM

I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

7 thoughts on “Your Own…Personal…

  1. I was singing it in my head as I read the title.

    Road trips are only fun under the best of circumstances. And even then, they aren’t always so for me. Sorry yours doesn’t seem to fit the description. Hopefully, the final destination was worth it and all will be right again! 🙂

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