Good times

I can’t write as long of a post as I would have liked because there is no Internet access for my computer. Reagan and I are staying the night in Branson with some good friends from where we used to live in Missouri. Amy and Beth were kind enough to make the drive down here so we could visit one more time.

We used to live two doors away from them and Reagan and Beth were the best of friends. They were at each other’s house all the time. It was in Missouri that Reagan became old enough to understand friendship. When we left she understood what it meant to leave Beth behind and she still talks about her all the time.

So we were so excited when Amy and Beth said that they would be able to meet us. I found a great deal on a condo in Branson and we began planning.

Today we met for lunch and shopped. I have finally found someone other than my mother and Heather who has the same shopping stamina as I do. And I’ve found someone with my same appetite. I didn’t know this when we actually lived near each other because our town was so small there was nowhere to shop. And between the two of us there were six kids so we didn’t go out to eat together.

So now it’s 2:00 in the a.m. and we’re still up talking. Lots to catch up on. I’m signing off now to talk some more and maybe actually get to sleep before check out time.

One more thing, if you’re ever in Branson you must eat at The Pasta Cafe. We were starving because it was 7:45 and the girls were about to mutiny if we looked at another pair of shoes. We walked in at ten till eight (they closed at eight) and asked if they’d seat us. They did. We ate some seriously good Italian food and they were more than accomodating for us. We knew we had chosen the right restaurant when we heard contemporary Christian music playing in the background. Anyway, when you come to get your geriatric entertainment fix you must eat there.

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