Arkansas, it ain’t that bad

I am from the middle Georgia area. I had never been to Arkansas before my dad and step mom retired to northern Arkansas. At first I could not understand what the draw was. That was until the first time I came out to visit them. It’s absolutely beautiful. There are hills (the Ozarks), pastures, streams, waterfalls, wildlife, lakes, entertainment, and neighbor stories to last a whole winter. Apart from my desire to retire east of the Mississippi I’d settle here, somewhere close to civilization.




Bull Shoals Lake

Christmas at Silver Dollar City in Branson

Christmas at Silver Dollar City in Branson

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs


Buffalo River

Buffalo River


13 thoughts on “Arkansas, it ain’t that bad

  1. Great shots! And it looks like you had fun, too.

    I’d be afraid to hang around on that cliff though. Looks like it could fall right off of there!

    Arkansas is a pretty state of what I’ve seen it. It gets a bad rap.

  2. Gosh – it looks beautiful 🙂 I drove through Arkansas on my way to Florida… or wait… was that Alabama? Let me go check a map real quick, lol. Anyway, glad that you and the girls are having a fun vacation and getting some good shopping in! Love the pictures!

  3. forsythkid says:

    I live close to Branson and have to agree that Arkansas is a great state if you are into hiking, floating, camping or just love the out of doors. Great article.

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