Plenty of emotions

and they’re not even related to Valentine’s Day.

My cousin’s son is in the hospital tonight because his white cell count is through the roof and his tummy hurts to the touch. They’re running tests and hopefully we’ll hear something in the morning so we know how to direct our prayers.

I saw the little octuplets on tv tonight and am grieving for them. They’re so tiny and have so many potential health issues. I didn’t care much about the case until I saw their little bodies. I still don’t care much about the mother or her problems; I am praying that God does the best for those babies.

I heard more about the little girl missing in Florida. What the heck is wrong with people? Leave the kids alone and go mess with yourself. Better yet, do the world a favor–get right with your Maker and go meet Him. I’ve also been checking out the $ex offender rolls in the DC area and it’s just depressing. Praying about that situation.

On a much lighter note, Du will be at a pretty cool job interview on Friday. More details to come at a later date, but your prayers would really be appreciated right before and during the 10:00 hour (Central) on Friday (the 13th).

I’m also still emotional about my speeding ticket and am nervous about contacting the police department. I’m wondering if it would be weirder to ask specifically for the officer who stopped me or just plead to the random person who answers the phone. Because what if I ask for her and she’s not there and they ask to take a message: “uh, yeah, I’m the girl she pulled over Wednesday…the basket case…and I was just wanting to stalk her call to see if she could reduce the ticket. Could you have her call me back?” It sounds like we’re either good friends and I’m wanting to chat about haircuts or I’m a desperate nut job wanting to bother her until this thing is taken care of. Or do I call the court clerk first to see if there’s just administrative things that need to be done that could be done outside of the police department? Maybe she could tell me what people normally do in this situation. But the town is so small that she’d probably hang up the phone with me and dial the PD: “guess who just called over here…that basket case you gave that 15 over to on Wednesday. Yeah, she thinks she’s special and wants to know what can be done to reduce her ticket. These losers, they always think they’re the ones who deserve the break.” And then everyone breaks out in smokey-lung laughter. Sigh… if this is the largest of my worries I’m truly blessed y’all, I do know that. However, seeing that this is the largest of my personal worries it’s taking up most of my brain power.

Reagan will be turning seven this weekend. I know! I can’t even remember her as a baby. I have to look back at her baby pictures, and then I have to check the date to make sure they’re not of Ashlyn. We’ve had an amazing seven years together and I just pray fervently that God protects her and keeps her safe throughout her natural life. I’m starting to see signs of her growing up and starting to flex her wings a little: little eye rolls here and there, and a more exasperated tone when she’s answering my concerns. And yet, I still see her innocence and pray that she holds onto that for as long as she possibly can.

Turning 1

That’s enough emotion for today. Can’t I check out and have all of these situations taken care of to the positive and then be woken up?

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11 thoughts on “Plenty of emotions

  1. I will keep you and your family in my prayers for your cousin’s son. I’m trying to hold strong throughout all the craziness that I’ve been reading in the news. Sorry to hear about your speeding ticket. Happy Early Birthday to Reagan! Keep your head up. Your bloggy friends are in there with you. 🙂

  2. Two words for you….Cookie Dough. Solves all of lifes problems.

    Seriously, I’ll also keep your family and cousin’s son in my prayers.

    I’ve never gotten a ticket, so I imagine I would be freaking out about it too. Good luck with whatever you decide to do there.

  3. oh Vicki, I wish I could be there to give you a hug!!!! I pray you have a FUN weekend with your little girls celebrating Reagan’s birth! And I am going to pray now for Du!!!

  4. There are two people that I turn to in times like these: Ben & Jerry!

    Seriously, I hope your cousin’s boy will be OK. I prayed for Du earlier as requested, too.

    Best of luck with all of it, including the ticket.

  5. Sorry, Vicki. I have no advice on the speeding ticket. The last time I was pulled over for speeding, I basically told the cop to screw himself. I got the ticket anyway, ha ha ha. Of course, it was in AZ, so I went to traffic school and all was well.

    I hope everything works out!

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