A Tale of Two Sisters

God has a great sense of humor and never lets me get too prideful. Case in point: my two daughters are pretty much as different as they could be. The only thing they share is the roof over their heads and their looks. Our love too, of course, but that’s a given. I may have had a haughty attitude about raising kids after having the first one, but God has thoroughly put me in my place with the second.

They both have positives and negatives about their personalities and attitudes but I’m not going into that here. They both do things that make us laugh and I’m going to share the latest with you.

Earlier this week Reagan had all of the kid DVDs out on the floor arranging them in some specific order, probably known only to her. Ashlyn wanted to help and so naturally she started rearranging them. This didn’t go very well with Reagan and so she began to get on to Ash. Ashlyn picked up a DVD case and just started beating Reagan on top of the head with it. Remember she’s five years younger, so there wasn’t a whole lot of hurting going on, but it’s the thought that counts. One of those guttural mother noises came from me, yelling for her to stop. Du was closer so he quickly removed her from the situation to impart “wisdom” to the child. Reagan and I actually began laughing, partly in disbelief and partly because, well, it was funny.

Now it Reagan’s turn. These two stories aren’t opposites of each other like they probably should be to go along with the post title and the intro description. They’re just recent happenings of what we have to deal with around here.

A couple days later it was so beautiful and warm that we decided to have dinner outside. We quickly hauled everything out to the patio that we would need: plates, forks, knives, cups, napkins, food, salt, pepper, pickles, apple sauce, whatever. There was one thing we forgot.

We were almost done with our meal, and it was starting to darken outside. Reagan asked to go inside to get some dessert. She went in, came back out and then had to go back in again for something. Only this time…she couldn’t open the door. She had locked it on her way out for reasons that even she could not explain. There are two other doors to the house but if you know my husband then you can already guess what I’m about to write. They were both locked down like Fort Knox. If we were going to be in the backyard then there’s no way he was going to let the front be vulnerable to attack. And the one thing we had forgotten to bring was the key. Really, why would we need it when we’re just going to be on the back patio?

Our MacGyver skills surfaced somewhere from the deep. Thank God (I really am thanking Him) we had windows open because of the beautiful weather. This meant that we wouldn’t have to break any glass. Let’s just say a fork or a knife isn’t the best way to pry off a screen, but they’ll work when that’s all you’ve got…and when you don’t want to use them to just shred the stupid screen to pieces.

We weren’t upset with Reagan. We laughed at the situation, kind of, because she didn’t mean to lock us out. However, I don’t think we would have been laughing had we needed to break a window to regain entry into our own house. She kept saying, “I don’t know why I locked the door!” “I don’t know why I locked it when I came out.” I do sweetie. It’s because you have your father as your father.

Such are the days around here with two sisters doing their best to keep us young and quick minded.


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6 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Sisters

  1. TOO funny! Love those two!

    When my cousins were little — boy and girl, now in their mid-30s, two years apart — boy would torture girl endlessly. One night, he fell asleep in front of the TV. As we all sat in the kitchen, girl, about 2, quietly retrieved play skillet from toybox, crawled onto sleeping brother’s back and promptly whacked him on the head! Of course, he awakes with a start and promptly begins wailing.

    Their poor mother! She had to try to discipline girl while crying from laughter.

  2. You know WHY Ash has to hit don’t you? There is no way she can win any verbal argument EVER-at some point her message of frustration needs to be communicated!

    Every great Mom has more than a little Macgyver in her! Thats why we carry such big toolboxes with us-I mean purses!

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