Shuffle Off To…

…anyone a tap dancer out there?

I just realized it’s been a week since I last posted. I wish I had grand stories to tell you of amazing shopping trips and feasts worthy of foody magazines. Actually, I kind of do so maybe I’ll share those tomorrow. This past weekend most of my mother’s family congregated in Pensacola to celebrate the life of her mother, my Mamaw. She was laid to rest on Saturday…I don’t think I should use the term laid to rest though. She is in Heaven with a perfect mind and a perfect body just waiting for us to join her. Resting probably isn’t on her agenda. Dancing maybe. Shuffling perhaps. Marana tha.

My husband is going to have me shuffling soon as well. Not exactly the shuffling off to buffalo that I was doing whilst pregnant with Reagan. You should have seen me at tap class with my protruding stomach, trying to balance and look graceful. On second thought, no you shouldn’t.

This shuffle is tiny. And pink. He certainly knows me. It will match my iPhone but, I can’t really run with my iPhone can I? I’m trying to start running again. (Sheepish grin) Can I legitimately say that after having only run twice in two weeks? The last time I ran was last April (Accountability April one or two of you will remember) when I was determined to get in shape. I literally felt like my uterus was going to fall out.

You’ll be happy to know that this time no body parts were in danger of leaving their designated places. And I ran three miles(!) instead of that paltry one a year ago. My knees did feel like stiff putty though. And I was so sore I could barely move.

Yesterday I ran again and felt much better all around. I’m attributing this success somewhat to the fact that Du lent me his Nano and therefore I had something on which to concentrate other than my normal, “Lord, when will this be done? Breathe in, two three. Breathe out, two three. Breathe…jeez, when will I be done running already? Maybe if I count down…let’s see…I can’t have thirty more minutes left…so if I (huff, puff)…count down from…what would that be?…30 minutes x 60 seconds per minute…crap, I have a cramp…”

Yes, so, ahem, the music helped tremendously. My husband being the loving husband that he is surprised me today with my very own iPod Shuffle. Now I don’t have an excuse not to run. Did I mention that he gets all excited when I start exercising and begin the healthy living regimens? I really should start and stop these more often so he has a chance to get excited more.


This time I hope to make the healthy living shtick stick. I got my cholesterol level taken the other day and the number isn’t pretty. 238. I know! You’re shocked right? I was told to “make lifestyle changes”, which is a euphemism for stop eating and drinking all of the exciting things you’re used to and start eating and drinking all that boring stuff that tastes, oh, about like paper. Oh, and start excercising. I guess chasing after a two year old everyday isn’t enough. I’m trying to be determined because I know one of the number one killers of women in the US is heart disease. I don’t want that to be me. I want to be taken with the trumpets and not drop dead because I couldn’t quit eating M&Ms.

So, please say a prayer for me that I will start to enjoy running. That I will start to enjoy the taste of water and healthy food. That I will get that runner’s high or whatever you’re supposed to feel after running (when I ran cross country the best part of the race was the end. Not because I got a runner’s high but because the team went to eat an awesome meal that we didn’t have to pay for).  Just pray for me.

P.S. I forgot! I have to put some music on this Shuffle! I need good running music. Ideas?

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11 thoughts on “Shuffle Off To…

  1. You are JUST now getting an iPod? Seriously, and I say this in all sincerity…I thank God for my Pod. It’s the greatest invention since the disposable diaper and sliced bread.

    I will send you my running playlist. Well, since I don’t run, it’s actually my elliptical/workout playlist. Good music, I promise…bootay shaking music.

    p.s. Can’t wait to meet your Mamaw in Heaven!!!!

  2. Yes, dancing around with all her memories.

    Guess what I found today — Chocolate Twizzlers made with ‘real’ Hershey’s chocolate. Oh, never mind,,,have a carrot stick : /

  3. Wish you lived near me, we’d go run together!

    I rummaged through my house to find an ipod, and though I’ve bought about 5 in the last 2 years, I couldn’t find a single one! All I wanted was something to take my mind off my mind!

  4. Nice iPod!! (btw, you are not the last one on earth to get one. I don’t have one. I should let my husband read your blog and maybe he’ll get me one, too!……wait….then he might expect me to start running and I don’t see that happening.)

  5. After I get over my initial “ack I think I’m dying” feeling for the first few minutes, I actually like running now. Especially the part at the end where I get to stop and all my limbs feel tired and relaxed. That part is good.

  6. Love the pink Ipod. Mine is white, but I put a pink cover on it.

    I hear you on the water and healthy food. I am trying to drink more water, but geez, then I always have to pee.

    I thought about trying running (never did it) but I don’t have running shoes, and I don’t think my worn out sneakers are going to cut it. Oh, that just sounds like an excuse, huh????

  7. Somebody tell me how you get the runner’s high too! I have done every kind of exercising you could imagine and have yet to feel good or high at the end of anything. I usually just feel like I’m dying…..and you all wonder why I stop exercising. =-)

  8. Wow! No one has given you any music suggestions! I am loving the G321 music that David put on iTunes….but my favorite exercise music (since *I* do so much exercising!) is ABBA! You can not beat “Dancing Queen!”…ooooo, or Steve Miller Band….oh, or Guns ‘N Roses….ah, or Metallica…wait a minute…I’m getting confused with exercise music and hockey fan music…sorry…back to ABBA! It’s a great choice!…let me know if you need to know where to find it…I may know of a way to help out with it!

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