Our heads are firmly planted in…

“The video below is of Dr. Abdull@h @l-N@fisi, a Kuwaiti, educated in Egypt (through high school), who earned his BA at the (quite anti-American) American University in Beirut and ultimately his PhD in political science from Cambridge University, UK. He has been a visiting professor at Harvard and Stanford, a former member of the Kuwaiti Parliament and now a distinguished academic and political commentator at Kuwait University.  He is one of the more respected Mu$lim intellectuals in the world today. He has students and ardent followers. They are listening to him while they sit in Venezuela, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Cambridge, Brooklyn, D.C.”


Remember rationality and context.  Listen to the audience’s response to his comments (laughter, etc.).  He was a Visiting Professor at Harvard and Stanford.

This will take a couple of minutes to watch. But it is worth it. Do you still think about 9/11? Do you think about how there are evil people in this world who want to kill us just because we’re Americans? Get your head out of the sand because that’s exactly what this guy hopes you’re doing.

Dare we call this an incitement to terrorism? Or will J@net N@politano look down on us for using that word? What should we call it now? Her euphemism: a “man caused disaster?” When her neighbors’ insides bleed out because someone has sprinkled @nthrax around Washington like “confetti” will she still be so euphemistic and call the murder of 330,000 Americans a “man caused disaster”? Doesn’t that just seem wrong to dumb it down like that?

These I$l@mic extremi$ts are out there. There is no negotiating with them. We can stick our metaphorical hand out all we want but they will not reciprocate. And we’re reducing the size of our military? For what? So it will be easier to wave the white flag? It only takes one person to do that (and I’ll tell you who’s holding the flag right now if you ask me). We may not need more tanks to fight them, but we do need trained people who know how to fight an enemy that is not a specific state.

It’s so obvious that this man has lost all value of human life. Did he ever have it? Was he raised learning to hate? We still (somewhat) value human life. He and his cohorts couldn’t care less about souls and bodies. I have something to say to him. God cares. Vengeance is the Lord’s and God may not seek vengeance on these evil people in this life, but you can be certain their souls go straight to Hell when they blow themselves up or inhale the anthrax that they’ve just spread into our populated cities. There is no heaven with seventy virgins.

Why our media isn’t reminding us daily that there are people in this world who are out to kill us is mind boggling. If there were a mass murderer or serial killer loose it would be on the news every night. People, there are mass murderers and serial killers sneaking into our country right now. Are you bold enough to say there aren’t? Ignorant enough to believe it couldn’t be happening? How secure is our southern border? When is it too late to realize that we’ve been sticking our heads in the sand? Once 330,000 people are murdered?

I’ll leave you with one of his main ideas: Those who we (used to) call “terrori$ts” are “the most honorable people in the world, the best people in the world.”

P.S. Sorry for the conspiracy theorist way that I use @ and $ symbols in certain words. I just don’t want these types of posts to be easily found using searches of those words.

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4 thoughts on “Our heads are firmly planted in…

  1. Did you know that we are no longer conducting a “Global War on Terror”? Yes, it’s currently being scrubbed from DoD because the new administration prefers “overseas contingency ops”.

    We wouldn’t want to offend anyone by us thinking they are trying to kill us or anything.

  2. Crazy.

    My husband just had to read a book called The Three Faces of Jesus for a theology class. It looked at the way the three great monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christinaity and Islam) view Jesus. It was all about finding common ground.

    He found it ridiculous. There is no middle ground in world views that are completely different! All this talk about dialogue with such people is insane.

  3. It’s actually “individual-caused” disasters. We wouldn’t want to be sexist. And have you seen the Teleprompter’s Blog yet?


    For some reason it’s okay for The One to take off every weekend, cram a stimulus down our throats in less than 5 days and then jet off to Chicago with the wifey for a ‘romantic’ dinner…are there NO romantic restaurants in DC? From what I read, there are a LOT of romantic restaurants there…He could get referrals from lots of politicians there. (sigh). Hubby and I discussed this morning how we never thought we would be having the sort of discussion about our nation like we are now…never in our lives. I’m glad for the first time that our fathers are gone.

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