This week’s mandate

We’re always busy. Getting kids up, making breakfast, making them get clean, making them do school, cleaning the house (sometimes), fixing lunch, making and going to appointments, gym, dance, girl scouts, dinner, making sure Ashlyn isn’t sitting on the cats or writing on the walls. Hold on a minute, I need a breath. We’re always busy.

This week our mandate is different though:


I checked the definition in the dictionary since I don’t use that word often, and that’s indeed what we need to be doing. We’re headed off on our own “Spring Break” for a little r&r in the north Georgia Mountains. A nice cabin. Mountain views. 3 acres. Actual books to read. Hot tub. God is even providing rainy weather so we won’t feel obligated to be on the move everyday. We still have the kids though so nix all those hot tub thoughts. I wouldn’t tell you anyway.

Aside: this is another bonus of homeschooling–we can take vacation whenever Du’s job will allow it. No waiting for the school system to tell us when we can travel. I think I’ve mentioned this before though.

The most we’ll do is a little bit of hiking or geocaching. My mom will join us midweek and my brother and his wife will come up on Friday. I brought Siedler, Richard, and another game. Get ready to lose…well, I’ll be playing so you’ll probably win.

There’s one thing I’m trepidacious about. The cabin has no internet service. I know! I’m crying a little inside as I write this. I don’t even know if my phone will pick up a signal out there. Even if it does it will be E and not 3G and so slow that it wouldn’t be worth being online on my phone anyway. Can you tell I’m nervous? I have a backup plan though. The lady making my reservation assured me that both a local cafe and the library have access to the outside world. I may be making a few trips…

After all, if I’m all worked up about not having internet access I won’t be relaxing will I? I think it’s a perfect compromise to not be hooked up at the cabin and then get a little fix along with a little chai in town. Totally relaxing on both points.

We’re practicing being relaxed right now though. Slowly easing into it so our systems aren’t shocked. We’re in the Atlanta area right now visiting some friends that have become so close to us none of us feel like we have to be entertained. You know that feeling? When you can just go to someone’s house and read in a chair all day while they do their normal daily routine and nobody feels like they’re being left out or they need to attend to you? I’d say it’s a perfect transition to our Spring Break week.  

So, I’m possibly signing off for a week (you should be pretty used to sporadic posting by me now anyway). If I can manage I’ll post a little from the cafe. Or the library. Or my phone if there’s service.

Published by NotSoSAHM

I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

7 thoughts on “This week’s mandate

  1. Walk away from the screen … any screen … it doesn’t matter what is going on in the world, as it will go on without you (humbling thought, isn’t it?!) Get you entertainment from God’s creation – the crickets chirping, birds singing, trees clapping their hands in the wind, your children laughing and playing outside. Sigh. I wish I were in a cabin in the woods right now….

  2. Enjoy your time, Vickie! Just know that Starbucks and my new gift card will be waiting with baited breathe for you to get home!!!! Have a wonderful time! Go Spelunking! ♥ y’all!

  3. Enjoy enjoy enjoy! I’m looking forward to the week in July my little family will be spending in New York this summer. I’m looking forward to getting where you are – a place where you can opt to relax and go easy as you see fit.

    Hopefully this new administration will not take up the fight against homeschoolers that is creeping east from California.

  4. And then you’re coming right back to Georgia the following week, right?!?!?

    Can’t wait to hear all about it–pictures and Ashlyn stories, too boot!

    p.s. Dude–the school system totally doesn’t dictate when we travel. We’re going to the beach…for a full week…the 2nd week that school resumes in August. We don’t care. It’s cheaper then and my child won’t suffer missing 5 days of 2nd grade. We just go & have fun…adios, people!

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