Flintstones vitamins stain carpet (just so you know)

Breakfasts at this house are not complete unless there are Flintstones vitamins. I know you remember them from your childhood. Or were you deprived? And Dino was my favorite. He was probably everybody’s favorite. (He’s Reagan’s favorite and I feel some kind of special bond between us since we share the same favorite Flintstones vitamin character…) Orange Dinos, they could have filled the whole bottle with just orange Dinos. I still love those things and often think about popping a couple of those instead of my grody horse-pill of a multi-vitamin.

Ashlyn on the other hand is jealous that Mommy gets to gag down three vitamins the size of her thumb and is always asking to try them. She gets one half of a “dino”, as she calls them, right now. She tries to say “vitamin” too, it’s hilarious. This morning she found her opportunity. Fortunately I had taken my multivitamin already–the one that contains enough iron to kill a small child apparently, as it says so on the side of the bottle. The two that were left were my Super B-Complex (happy pill that lifts my mood and lowers my cholesterol, supposedly), and my fish oil (all sorts of good side effects).

I left the table for what was supposed to be a second. Did you know a mother is not allowed to sit down to a hot meal while her children are still living under her roof? It says so in A Christmas Story. I was off doing something when Ashlyn brought me one of my vitamins. I kindly asked her to take that back to the table, I’d get it in a minute. Not really thinking about her desire to down these marbles, and not really knowing how she’d do it anyway, I wasn’t worried and thought she’d actually obey me. She does obey us. Sometimes. Usually when it involves throwing something away because then she can practice throwing other things away as well. A mug. A CD.

I went back into the kitchen where she met me kind of hacking and smacking her lips. I smelled her breath and could detect a faint B-Complex smell to it, and there was a brown, chalk-like substance in her mouth. Dang it! I swept her mouth clean and then Du took over getting her mouth rinsed out while I called Poison Control. They do not know us automatically, thankfully.

Du went back to the playroom to pass time with the girls while I was still reading off ingredients of the Super B vitamin to the nurse. All of a sudden I hear commotion coming from the play room. I hear a big groan. I hear Reagan tearing away from the room crying. I hear, “she threw up!” Dang it! I still wasn’t panicking though because the nurse on the other end of the line wasn’t panicking. In fact she told me to brush Ashlyn’s teeth and give her milk. After all was said and done, the vomiting actually helped the situation. It tasted horrible and irritated her stomach so her stomach said, “no thanks”.

What was unfortunate about the incident, other than the whole Poison Control and injesting adult vitamins thing, was that her red Flintstones vitamin came up with her breakfast onto the carpet. Stupid red dye that’s probably made in China and gives us more illness than the vitamin is supposed to prevent…did I say that out loud?

Du said that while they were in the playroom waiting to find out the prognosis Ashlyn was playing just as happily as she could. All of the sudden she puked and then went back to playing, just as happily as she could. I forgot that children aren’t born with the knowledge of what it feels like right before vomiting is going to occur. And hey, she felt better afterwards so why wouldn’t she go back to playing? Oh, I don’t know, maybe because of a slimy, red vomit spot that smelled fishy…literally. It’s not like the girls make liquid messes often , of any kind, and then just leave the liquid where it lay. I would have thought she’d kind of wonder why things came out of her mouth like that instead of going in…

P.S. A Little Green Machine, or whatever they’re called, works wonders at cleaning up red Flintstones dye from the carpet.

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15 thoughts on “Flintstones vitamins stain carpet (just so you know)

  1. i really think danny and ashlyn would be bff’s. and no end of trouble. danny found the one poisonous plant in the yard (oleander) and had himself a snack. it is extremely toxic, and lethal to small children in even small doses. awesome. fortunately, the leaves he ate were dry, so he was okay. it was kindof a tense half hour, though, and the oleander was promptly evicted afterward.

  2. That must have been scary! So if she hadn’t puked it up what did the nurse say you should do? Jut in case… LOL
    I am glad she is okay and that you got your carpet clean 🙂

  3. “It says so in A Christmas Story,” may be the funniest thing you’ve ever written. A Christmas Story–that bastion of parenting knowledge. Let’s dress our girls in bunny pajamas!

    My kids hate vitamins–chewables, swallowables, the gumball or gummy variety…whichever! They are not vitamin takers. But they watch me swallow my large handful of pills each day and Caroline has the “head thrown back-swallow” move down to an art. It’s hilarious.

    Wish she’d down a Flintstone with that move.

  4. oh my, never a dull moment is it? I am working on my blog book and came across an entry where I talk about you, because Jasper was sucking on hand cream and you had just posted about calling poison control… can’t remember why. Our little ones!

  5. Ashlyn just smiled and then enjoyed the bath she got (to clean off the Flinstones and breakfast remnants). 🙂 Reagan has such a big heart – she was upset that her sister was sick.

  6. Oh MY!! I feel your pain! Later-when she’s a teen that girl is going to say things like “you always assume I am going to do the worst thing.”–but these early years of her training you will be hard to break! I get such a kill out of the calmness of poison control people–I wonder how many times a day they ask people how much diaper rash cream baby ate (in the same tone as if it was strained bananas) –Glad it worked out well–and here’s hoping that taste will be a strong memory!

  7. Is it bad if i have poison control programmed into my cell phone? my son thought he’d drink laundry detergent one day….talk about vomit…glad she’s ok though!! your carpet fared better than mine!!

  8. You had me in stitches with, ‘Did you know a mother is not allowed to sit down to a hot meal while her children are still living under her roof?….’

    Though this must have been traumatic at the time, I’m laughing with you in hindsight as you tell a great story.

    I also love… ‘All of the sudden she puked and then went back to playing, just as happily as she could. I forgot that children aren’t born with the knowledge of what it feels like right before vomiting is going to occur….’ I’ve never thought of it like that – but you’re spot on!

    Best wishes to you and your family. Just dropping by – I found you in my news reader and can’t remember where I found you initially – but you’re great!

  9. Kids are great and weird, aren’t they! I’m in awe of my new kids and they are teens!

    I stopped by to be cute and thank you for linking with BPOTW, but my personal blog name was already filled in, and I’m too lazy to change it.

  10. I appreciate the great entry you offer in your entries. Ill bookmark your page and have my children read here often. Im very certain theyll learn lots of fresh articles in your site than anybody else!

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