Good looks can get you far

So for dinner tonight we were driving by a Japanese restaurant and decided to try it out. We were in eastern Arlington needing to the western edge of the beltway and didn’t care to sit in traffic. Much better to sit in a restaurant and let the traffic die down, especially since we wouldn’t arrive to the hotel until after dinner.

Let me just say now, if you are living in the DC area or will ever visit you must promise me that you’ll stop by Endo Sushi at the corner of Washington and Garfield in the Clarendon section of Arlington.

We stuffed ourselves on sushi rolls. The restaurant is not stingy, so we actually ate for a somewhat reasonable price. California rolls are my all-time favorite, but I have begun to venture into the raw side to eat tuna rolls. We even got Reagan to try a tuna roll and she liked it. Ashlyn’s favorite was the ginger you eat to clean your palate. Yeah.

Our waitress and the owner kept coming over to our table to speak to the girls and comment about how cute they were. I must say I agree. Most of the time. They must not have seen Ashlyn acting up though, climbing out of her chair, trying to poke Reagan with her fork, squealing in anger when she didn’t get her way.

At the end of the meal the owner gave us two of their desserts. The first she called, I think, misho ice cream. It was vanilla ice cream wrapped in rice paper. The second was green tea ice cream. Both delish. We all had to roll out of there. Oh, and she ended up giving the girls lollipops as we were leaving too. These were called Yummy Earth Organic lollipops. And they weren’t the normal, bland kiddie flavors either: Blood Orange, Grape and Mango. I’ll be ordering some of those!

On our way to find a restaurant we passed the Air Force Memorial.


Pretty cool, I must say. Reagan said, “you mean those sticks in the air?” Yes honey, those sticks. Representational art escapes her yet, but she’s only seven.

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2 thoughts on “Good looks can get you far

  1. It still escapes me, too, Reagan, and I’m a whole lot older than you, honey! 🙂

    It’s funny because I was thinking yet again when I saw your pix with yesterday’s post just how unbelievably darling they both are. You’re very lucky though you may sometimes feel otherwise. (You can have my almost 67-year-old for a while if you want.)

  2. I really enjoy reading about your daughter’s personalities. Even though I swore I was never going to watch another episode of Jon & Kate, I secretely snuck away to watch it lastnight (hey… my DVR recorded it… I couldn’t help it!). They are all made up of the same DNA, but they are all SOOO different.

    I’m also impressed that your children eat sushi. I’m trying really hard to expand my repetoire to include seafood. Currently I only eat tuna (from a can) and fish sticks, lol. I bought some frozen Wild Salmon filets that I’m going to cook up tonight. If I can stomach that, I’ll try shrimp. The things I will do in the name of getting my child to eat healthy foods!

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