Stupid boys

It has started.

You know how boys show their interest in girls? They get all stupid and start saying stupid things to girls and start doing stupid things that for some reason they think the girls will like? It’s completely stupid.

And it has started with boys and Reagan. Sunday after church we were walking to the car and the conversation went something like this:

Reagan: Boy 1 and Boy 2 were telling me they were going to peek in my window.
Mommy: Did you tell them you live on the second floor, idiots?
R: Yes, but they said they’d still be able to see.
M: Did you remind them that they have no clue where we live?
R: They said they’d find me.
M: Did you tell them you know the number to the police?
R: They kept saying they were going to find my house and look in my window.
M: Did you tell them you’d kick their butt?
R: Mom!
M: Did you tell them your dad has a gun and he’s not afraid to use it?
R: Mom!
M: I’m serious.

Then I had to go and explain that sometimes boys say stupid things because, well, boys are stupid and don’t you ever forget it. And I encouraged her to stand her ground and maintain that she could kick their butts and that we do practice capital punishment for stupid boys in this house.

Were she any older than she is I would have found out the names of these boys and lit into them. But right now I do think it’s just the stupid stuff that boys do when they start liking girls.

Lord, help us.

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9 thoughts on “Stupid boys

  1. See, now I always told J that my boys better NEVER bring any stupid girls home. That is my number one rule! 🙂

    Better get Reagan a stick to beat the boys with now – especially since they are already giving her a hard time 🙂

  2. I LOVE it when the kids blush when you talk about their “friends”….precious moments~ Yes, I remember the boy that threw rocks at me at the bus stop because he “liked me~”….oh the things you do for puppy love~ have a great day!

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