Making progress

You might be proud of me when I say that I’m not even counting down the days until I can reconnect with my life social media. I don’t know how many days it’s been since Lent started and I don’t know how many I have to go, although I know the balance is heavily on the “still more to go” side.

To be honest I haven’t had the horrible withdrawal like I thought I might. I’m thinking less and less in Twitter-sized thoughts, although I don’t know if that will ever really go away completely. I miss not being in constant contact, but I’m not regretting my decision at all.

The first two or three days I just did not access Facebook or Twitter. I felt, however, like I wasn’t being true to what my goal is–to replace that action with something that would help me get and stay closer to God and be more like Jesus. I remembered a goal that I have had for years, which I can’t really call a goal if I haven’t worked on it all, that’s how lame I’ve been. In my Bible reading and study several weeks ago this goal came up again and I made a mental note that I “really needed to be better about it this time now that I’m remembering that I need to be doing it…again”. So I decided to start down the path of achieving that goal.

Scripture memorization

It is and should be a life-long goal. Really, until the whole Bible is memorized there’s plenty to work on. I found an iPhone app that helps me memorize 256 verses and I’ve been working on that. Whenever I think about picking up my phone, which would normally be the times I would access Facebook or Twitter, I open up my Bible Memory app and either review a verse or start learning a new one. I’m up to 7 out of 256, which it kindly tells me is 2%. I’m sure there are some listed in there that I know, but just haven’t found yet. But still, 7 verses is major, especially for someone who feels she is lacking in the memorization department. I’m sure that’s why I have forever been kicking this can down the road vowing to get to it sometime. But what is the best way to learn something or get it done other than to just do it.

And so I am. I’m also happy because I can keep this up after Lent is over and I’m back to my social media happiness. I’m creating a priority that will easily fit into my life normally lived.

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