Boxed Blessings

Being the cheap frugal person that I am it is very hard for me to fork over any money for superfluous stuff for the family, even food. I don’t buy lots of different boxed crackers and cookies and Pop Tarts and various delicious treats. Not only do I cringe at the prices I just don’t have the room. Our pantry is literally 6 inches deep and and maybe 2 ½ feet wide. Add to that my fluctuating desire to eat healthier and I usually eschew the boxed goodies unless I can get them for pennies (Harris Teeter Super Double events usually allow me to get things for pennies or even free).

When Reagan participated in the AWANA Olympics several weekends ago (her team won first place!!) the kids were given a box of goodies when they got back to the church as a reward and a thank you from one of the team leaders. We didn’t go back to the church though. Instead, we went to a Cajun vineyard in northern Virginia (who knew!) for a gumbo tasting.

All that to say, Reagan didn’t get her box of goodies until last night. We were expecting something like this:

A box of a variety of cookies or crackers. What we got, though, was this:

Virtually the whole cookie/cracker aisle! It is truly a blessing, especially since I am so tight.

We are not in want to say the least. My  husband makes good money and we have enough for our needs and wants. It is still a blessing to receive a treat like this. In fact, I think I may have Reagan pick out the things that she doesn’t want or doesn’t think we’ll eat and donate those to the food bank for people who really are in need. A food tithe per se.

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