My husband and I were in church this past Sunday and I realized something that’s so obvious it’s just known, but seldom talked about:

It is obvious which hand was female and which was male. (And these aren’t the notes from church. I wasn’t dreaming about my herb garden in the middle of a sermon.)

We’re all taught how to write in manuscript and cursive in basically the same format. Teachers do not intentionally set out teaching girls bigger, more rounded letters, nor do they teach boys chicken scratch (sorry to whomever was the male writer of the above note…). Somewhere along the journey boys and girls tend to start writing in distinctly male and female ways. Of course there will be exceptions. It’s fascinating to me and I wonder if it’s more of a case of nurture or nature? Or a mix?

If you were to actually care about the differences in boy and girl handwriting…what do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Stereotyping

  1. It’s a mix — there is watching what others do and knowingly or unknowingly imitating them but there is also the inherent girls are more “flowery” and boys are more “logical/direct”.

  2. Yeah I think girls have a tendency to want to make things look pretty, well men just want them to work. I can not thank enough for the lovely birthday present you sent me. The Paris trip is one I will never forget. You are amazing. xo ThePeachy1

  3. it is so true… and even more bizarre is I realized why Zach writes so strange…because of how he learned in Hungarian school. It is totally different than how we write… oh man, I am never going to understand anyone in my families handwriting!

  4. I’ve never put this into words, but I have wondered this. My brother has the worst handwriting (very boyish, too), though my mom made him do MUCH more handwriting work. I wonder if girls just want things to look nice and guys don’t (ex: a bachelor pad).

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