Gathering ideas for our big trip

We’ll be taking a big trip this year; one that’s several weeks long. We’ve done school while traveling before, but I haven’t been very good in incorporating the places we’re traveling through and to into our schooling. We’ve done field trips to places like Boston, Jamestown/Williamsburg/Yorktown, etc. where we go, learn about something, and then come home. We’ve also done school in the car while traveling on family vacations during the school year. I’ve been pretty good at separating fun from school and relegating each to their own separate times.

But I haven’t been very good at doing a more unit study-type of schooling with the idea of having fun learning while having fun traveling.

This year I want to experiment more with “roadschooling” by really diving in. Being deliberate with what we’re learning, but having fun while doing it. Maybe my kids won’t even know they’re “doing school”…

Not this. . .
Less this. . .
. . .but this!
. . .more this!

I’ve been using various roadschooling blogs and Growly Notes* to help organize my thoughts. I’m looking forward to the planning phase where I actually start formulating our “curriculum” and deciding how to incorporate the various subjects into daily fun activities.

(Sometimes I like organizing school probably even more than teaching…)
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*Speaking of organizing, when we switched over from PCs to Macs I mourned the loss of OneNote. I kid you not. I almost didn’t want to make the switch. Growly Notes to the rescue! Think of it as your brain + a spiral-bound notebook + digital linking abilities. This equals more fun than I should be allowed to have while organizing my thoughts, ideas, links, pictures, lists, tables, etc. Check it out: Growly Notes.

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