Yosemite – (mostly) Black and White

We traveled to Yosemite recently — a couple days in April that were mild on the Monterey Peninsula, downright hot in inland California, and still quite chilly in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Chilly enough to have snowfall and closed roads. After fishing out our cold weather gear that we never used in Monterey, we packedContinue reading “Yosemite – (mostly) Black and White”

Roadschooling West to East – Snake River

The Snake River flows through quite a bit of the upper Northwest U.S. We didn’t know we would, but we happened to follow its path for some of our trip. Our first spotting of the river was in Idaho – Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls. Shoshone Falls is known as the Niagara Falls of theContinue reading “Roadschooling West to East – Snake River”

Roadschooling West to East – Our Own Private Idaho

As we made our way from California eastward we drove through states and areas that I had never been to before. What struck me is that each state has its own beauty. ~~ It is SO worth it to get in the car and drive to your next destination. ~~ (Even if it IS allContinue reading “Roadschooling West to East – Our Own Private Idaho”

Roadschooling West to East – Golden Spike

I’ve got to get a little bit better at posting while traveling. It seems like the two have been inversely proportional this past year. We’ve finished our time on the West Coast and have made our way back East. One of the places we¬†traveled to recently¬†was a site where the continent was united (connected isContinue reading “Roadschooling West to East – Golden Spike”

Roadschool – East to West: Down day

We are into our third week of the trip! Around 3,800 miles 13 states so far (we will pick up 14-16 tomorrow!) 4 out of 5 biomes covered (aquatic, forest, grassland, and desert. We won’t go through tundra, thankfully) 5 of the 8 North American ecoregions covered (Coastal Plain, Appalachian Mountains, Interior Lowlands, Great Plains,Continue reading “Roadschool – East to West: Down day”

Roadschooling – P.E. at White Sands National Monument

We woke up this morning earlier than we thought we would. Our campsite was very close to the main road, and close to the entrance/exit of the park. So, at about 5:50 we were all wide awake. Breakfast was at a restaurant close to Carlsbad Caverns where half of us tried more local fare. IContinue reading “Roadschooling – P.E. at White Sands National Monument”