Field Trip – Charleston – Fort Sumter

Thursday was another beautiful, sunny day. The only thing we had to contend with was the 25-35 mph winds. Yikes! We spent the day at Fort Sumter and walking up and down East Bay and East Battery to the Market area. Charleston is a very European-looking town and no wonder with its beginnings and influences.

We walked from the Market area up to the Fort Sumter Ferry.

Fort Sumter National Park

Heading to the ferry

This is a bit of a walk from the market area, so give yourself time. One of the ferries is by the SC Aquarium, which I didn’t get a picture of, but there are some cool things to see:

Dock at Liberty Square

Dock at Liberty Square

I love this bridge:

Cooper River Bridge

Cooper River Bridge (Arthur Ravenel, Jr Bridge)

It’s best to buy your ferry tickets in advance; most people do this. The girls wanted to sit on the top deck of the ferry, but I knew we were too far back in line to grab a space up there. I was happy about this though since it was so windy. We sat inside with a nice view of the outside, but none of the unpleasantness.

We passed by. . . :

USS Yorktown - Charleston

USS Yorktown


Castle Pinkney - Charleston

Castle Pinkney with Ft Sumter in the back right

There’s not much left of Fort Sumter, but they’ve done a great job at helping you imagine what it looked like. It is where the first shot of the Civil War was fired. Briefly, Union forces held the fort when Confederate soldiers fired upon it. The Confederates were able to take over the fort and basically held it until the end of the Civil War (glossing over a lot here). The Union still had the upper hand by blocking supplies from entering into Charleston Harbor.

Windy day at Ft Sumter

It’s windy!

There were plenty of cannons to check out. . .

cannon at Ft Sumter

Plenty o’ cannons

…of all shapes and sizes. . .

10 inch mortar at Ft Sumter

10″ mortar – 1819

I think it was more interesting for the adults than the children, but we still made them read some of the signage with us. They preferred to have a dance competition on the grassy area. . .

Girls at Ft Sumter

Don’t blow away!

There’s that bridge again!

Cooper River Bridge from Ft Sumter

the bridge from the fort

I’ll talk about downtown Charleston in the next post!

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