Part of this editing challenge is to work with what I’ve got. Making blah pictures at least usable for family photo books or blog posts. 🙂 Our travels are family vacations and I’m usually shooting on the fly, as we’re walking. Sometimes, when I get home and look at my shots, I’m left with picturesContinue reading “Gate”

Charleston Side Street

Charleston has lots of little hidden streets and places to discover. There were so many signs in the original! They do NOT want you parking on this street, understandably. I cropped in to get rid of the window a/c units and cropped out at least five signs. ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~Continue reading “Charleston Side Street”

Charleston Custom House

Quick question: When you view my posts in the WordPress reader, do you see the final, edited pic, or do you see the original picture? When I look at the reader on my laptop, I see the edited picture. When I’m on my phone, I see the original. ********Thank you********* Charleston is a favorite. TheContinue reading “Charleston Custom House”

Charleston – East Bay, East Battery

During our field trip to Charleston, we walked up and down East Bay and East Battery. There were lots of cars and construction, so it was hard to get good shots of the houses that line the street. Here’s what I got: Two more – The Customs House is located along East Bay St. The bridgeContinue reading “Charleston – East Bay, East Battery”

Field Trip – Charleston – Fort Sumter

Thursday was another beautiful, sunny day. The only thing we had to contend with was the 25-35 mph winds. Yikes! We spent the day at Fort Sumter and walking up and down East Bay and East Battery to the Market area. Charleston is a very European-looking town and no wonder with its beginnings and influences.Continue reading “Field Trip – Charleston – Fort Sumter”