Roadschooling – East to West: Hooray for Hollywood

The Hollywood sign - edited

I know I’m not talking much about schooling anymore. The girls have been doing a daily page each day that includes some math, copy work, daily calculations, etc. They’ve also been filling out a state page for each state we go through.

This day they filled out their last state page: California!

Welcome to California sign
Finally here!

The drive from Las Vegas to Hollywood was kind of a long one. The scenery in Nevada and eastern California was a little bland (the Mojave Desert), but as you crossed over the mountains of the coastal range things started to get greener. We arrived to our hotel in Calabasas (west of Hollywood, almost north of Malibu) when it was still light outside. I wanted to see the Hollywood sign so we could check that off the list and be ready to head up the coast the next morning. My main reason for having us stay near LA was to see the sign and some of the stars on the walk of fame.

Just in case you didn’t know (was it just me?): the Hollywood sign is not lit up at night. We got stuck in famous LA traffic (something was going on at the Hollywood Bowl) and it took us pretty much forever to get to Hollywood and Highland.

I thought this was going to be it for us:

Welcome to Hollywood
Not quite as impressive

The Hollywood and Highland Center is a great place to see the sign. In the daytime. Here was my view of the iconic symbol:


Hollywood Sign at night
Boo hiss!

I was so disappointed. I could barely see it, but it didn’t show up at all in the nighttime pics. I didn’t want to ask everyone to make that trip again in the morning so I could get a shot of it. Sigh. We settled for a dinner of crepes and people watching. As we walked back to the car I got several shots of sidewalk stars. There are so many!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To my loving surprise, my husband recommended that we go back to see the sign in the morning. Yay! So here it is. 🙂


The Hollywood Sign
The Hollywood sign - edited
sans cell towers (hello, Lightroom! I should have added more trees, eh?)
Hollywood sign and a cross
Oh look! Jesus in Hollywood!

After doing a little bit of shopping we headed as far west as we could: the California Coast. Our next stop — Malibu and northwards on the Pacific Coast Highway!

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