Roadschooling W to E – Thermal Yellowstone

I had never been to Yellowstone before. In fact, there was only one stop on our trip that was a return visit for me; everything was a first-time experience. YELLOWSTONE! Today I’ll share some pics of its thermal wonders. We learned a little about plate tectonics, lava, geysers, and heat from the earth. It wasContinue reading “Roadschooling W to E – Thermal Yellowstone”

Roadschooling West to East – Wyoming Wildlife

Wyoming – so many words to describe it. Wildlife is a big one. Touring around in the midday is not the best time to catch wildlife. Fortunately for us it was very mild and we were never short for elk or bison¬†sightings. We were really hoping to see a bear and a moose. The bearContinue reading “Roadschooling West to East – Wyoming Wildlife”

Roadschooling East to West – Up the Pacific Coast Highway

We’re reaching the end! After leaving Hollywood we drove over to Malibu to start our drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s the first time I’d seen the Pacific Ocean from the continent! We took two days to drive up the highway and reach our destination. Ocean, mountains, valleys, farms, wildlife, we saw it all!¬†I’llContinue reading “Roadschooling East to West – Up the Pacific Coast Highway”

Roadschooling – East to West: Hooray for Hollywood

I know I’m not talking much about schooling anymore. The girls have been doing a daily page each day that includes some math, copy work, daily calculations, etc. They’ve also been filling out a state page for each state we go through. This day they filled out their last state page: California! The drive fromContinue reading “Roadschooling – East to West: Hooray for Hollywood”

Roadschooling – First several days

The movers drove away and we packed up our vehicles with as much of our belongings as we needed/could. A three week trip requires certain things, that certainly shouldn’t take up all the space in two vehicles. We’d like to just take our suitcases, but there are things we don’t trust with the movers. So,Continue reading “Roadschooling – First several days”

Impromptu field trip – Boone’s Cave Park

We woke up one Monday morning and went through our regular morning routine. As we sat down to do school I opened up our history binder to quickly glance over what we’d be learning about throughout the week. (If it were the beginning of the school year I would have already prepped and read throughContinue reading “Impromptu field trip – Boone’s Cave Park”