Exploring the “Great Tide Pools”

red star fish

Since we’re living right by the Pacific Ocean, it’s only natural that our science program cover aquatic animals. The curriculum we’re using is Apologia’s Zoology 2: Exploring Creation with Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. My goal is to take two weeks for each lesson: work in the book for a week and go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium during the second week.

We just finished lesson 1: Aquatic Animals. It’s a general information lesson about the different animals found in fresh and salt water. We went to the aquarium and saw all forms of nekton and benthos animals, and plankton. The book mentions that the best place to see sea life is in tide pools (other than the aquarium, of course). TIDE POOLS. We are surrounded by tide pools!


Steinbeck talked about this specific area of tide pools in Cannery Row (which I read before moving out here). How awesome would it be to visit the pools that Doc went to to collect specimens. No collecting allowed now!

We figured out when low tide would be for the morning we wanted to go. 6:30-ish…a little too early for us. We decided 9am would be a good enough time to go. It was perfect and we saw so many creatures, especially hermit crabs!


great tide pools
tide pools abound


tide pools in Monterey
we searched through many


sea slug, hermit crabs and a barnacle
sea slug, (so many) hermit crabs and a few barnacles


close up of sea slug
hey mr. slug!


coral skeleton?
coral skeleton?


red star fish
so RED!


tiny star fish
so tiny!


yellowish star fish
We were so excited to find so many star fish!


sea anemone
sea anemone – I was afraid to touch it, but I’ve read it won’t hurt


star fish scooting away
bye bye! He’s scooting away


tide coming in - Monterey
the tide’s coming in – time to go home

It was such an amazing morning. How cool for the girls (and me) to be able to see these creatures up close and in their natural habitat. I can’t wait to go back! Lesson 2: whales — I see a whale watching trip in our future!

    Not So SAHM

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