Exploring the “Great Tide Pools”

Since we’re living right by the Pacific Ocean, it’s only natural that our science program cover aquatic animals. The curriculum we’re using is Apologia’s Zoology 2: Exploring Creation with Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. My goal is to take two weeks for each lesson: work in the book for a week and go toContinue reading “Exploring the “Great Tide Pools””

Roadschooling (& moving) East to West – Week 1 recap

So far – 9 days over 1500 miles (x2 vehicles) 8 states lots of friends and family 0 speeding tickets 0 major fights 2 or 3 things left behind or lost 4 head colds 1 starfish (or sea star as they are now called, but I’m old school so it’s still a starfish to me)Continue reading “Roadschooling (& moving) East to West – Week 1 recap”