Roadschooling West to East – Snake River

Perrine Bridge over Snake River near Twin Falls Idaho Not So SAHM

The Snake River flows through quite a bit of the upper Northwest U.S. We didn’t know we would, but we happened to follow its path for some of our trip.

Our first spotting of the river was in Idaho – Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls. Shoshone Falls is known as the Niagara Falls of the West. It was beautiful, but not quite as awe inspiring as Niagara Falls. Or is it that we’ve seen so many waterfalls now that we’re jaded? May that never be. What struck me was the fact that there were houses built right there on the upper part of the falls.

Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls Idaho Not So SAHM
Shoshone Falls

Next we spotted it snaking under the Perrine Bridge, a sight in its own right.

Perrine Bridge over Snake River near Twin Falls Idaho Not So SAHM
Perrine Bridge and Snake River

Our next sighting was in the Grand Tetons. The River was about the only thing we were able to see during our three days there. It was overcast the whole time.

Pronghorn antelope graze along the Snake River in the Grand Tetons Not So SAHM
Some of the wildlife in the Tetons

The Grand Tetons are back behind those clouds. Boohoo! There are some pronghorn antelope grazing in the grass. We also saw three elk crossing the river in front of us.

Elk Crossing the Snake River in the Grand Tetons Not So SAHM
Elk Crossing

This was on a rafting cruise down the river. At the ending site we had lunch and found out that this is the bend in the river where Ansel Adams took his famous picture of The Tetons and the Snake River. He was able to build some type of riser so he could be super high off the ground. He also had great weather. Me? I had neither height nor sky.

Cloudy day on the Snake River with the Tetons hidden in the background Not So SAHM
Snake River but no Tetons

Google Adams’ photo. Much, much, much grander. Sigh. This means that we will have to revisit the Tetons. And hope for better weather.

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