End of the War

The ratification of the Treaty of Paris at the Maryland State House in January of 1784 officially ended the Revolutionary War and established the United States as an independent nation.

My family loves history and visiting sites like this. It wasn’t until I was an adult and moved to Germany that history really became fascinating for me though. We think things are old here in America. In Europe, 1784 isn’t that long ago in relation to all the recorded history they’ve experienced. We visited castles that were older than America. Sites that were around before America was even “discovered”. Being able to put time periods into perspective like that, and being able to see things first-hand, helped me appreciate all that has happened before 2017.

Back in America, we continue to try to visit places where historical events occurred – to see the site first-hand is so much better than to read about it in a book. And this is where homeschooling and roadschooling come into play. . .

The Maryland State House is the location where the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1784 to end the Revolutionary War. Not So SAHM
End of the War – ProjectEdit365 – 02 Jan

The original was dark and angled. You’ll have to visit Project Edit 365 to see just how dark and angled it was. There’s an explanation as well as to what my Project is all about. Thanks!

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