End of the War

The ratification of the Treaty of Paris at the Maryland State House in January of 1784 officially ended the Revolutionary War and established the United States as an independent nation. My family loves history and visiting sites like this. It wasn’t until I was an adult and moved to Germany that history really became fascinatingContinue reading “End of the War”

Walking in George’s Footsteps

This was taken during a previous January – one that was much colder than it is now in Miami. ¬†We were in Annapolis, MD touring the State House. This is the oldest state capitol in continuous legislative use, dating back to 1772. In it is the room where George Washington resigned his military commission inContinue reading “Walking in George’s Footsteps”

Harper’s Ferry

Harper’s Ferry is a great little town to tour if you’re in the corner of VA and WV. Beautiful in the fall and always full of history! The original photo was too yellow/orange. I decreased the vibrance, saturation, and clarity; and increased the contrast and lightened the shadows. I used an adjustment brush to sharpenContinue reading “Harper’s Ferry”

Battle of Little Bighorn

Our trek east across America took us through the Wyoming/Montana borders (several times) and to Custer’s Last Stand. These are just a few gravestones of the 268 US soldiers¬†who perished during the fighting. All of those soldiers were reburied into a mass grave. I wanted to change the original (below) to look like an oldContinue reading “Battle of Little Bighorn”

Impromptu field trip – Boone’s Cave Park

We woke up one Monday morning and went through our regular morning routine. As we sat down to do school I opened up our history binder to quickly glance over what we’d be learning about throughout the week. (If it were the beginning of the school year I would have already prepped and read throughContinue reading “Impromptu field trip – Boone’s Cave Park”