Giving it up

I don’t remember ever practicing Lent. Growing up Baptist it wasn’t something that we “did”. Not that there is anything wrong with Lent. In fact, I like the idea of giving up something that controls a person in order to focus on her relationship with Jesus. My desire is to do that constantly, whenever IContinue reading “Giving it up”

An emotional response to the “Harm of Homeschooling”

Ms. West, I am disappointed in your “Harms of Homeschooling” article (found here, scroll down to page 7). From your wording and sources it seems that your main concern is Christian fundamentalism and how these Christians are not walking in lockstep with the state to make sure their children fall in line with secular humanistContinue reading “An emotional response to the “Harm of Homeschooling””

The best laid plans…

Can you finish that quote? I had to look it up. So, yes, the “best laid schemes. . . go often askew”¬†and New Year’s resolutions have to be at the top of the “best laid schemes” list. Can I get an amen? I read my post from last year discussing my goals for 2009. MyContinue reading “The best laid plans…”

We do “Christmas” on Christmas Eve

When you ask different people what Christmas is about you’ll get different answers. Peace Joy Love Family Traditions PRESENTS!! Christmas, to this family, is enhanced by those things, HOWEVER, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. No, He wasn’t born in the winter. Yes, Christians kind of took over the winter solstice celebrations andContinue reading “We do “Christmas” on Christmas Eve”

I want to be Amish

Several times in the past I have tried to convince Du to become Amish. Yes, I have. The request would probably come at those stressful times in life where you don’t want to quite throw in the towel, but you might just want a do over where it would be necessary to implement the “lessContinue reading “I want to be Amish”

Who’s afraid of a challenge?

Apparently I am. I’m placing the blame of my blogosphere absence squarely on the shoulders of one blogger. It should be myself, but who likes to blame themselves? Ronnica of Ignorant Historian wrote a post, several weeks ago now, on five words and what they meant to her. These five words were given to herContinue reading “Who’s afraid of a challenge?”