Claude Moore Colonial Farm

There are *so* many things to see and do the Northern Virginia area – for traveling and homeschooling. Whether you’re into nature, history, culture, current affairs, sports, you name it. The DMV area has it. As a historical homeschool trip, we visited Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean. It recreates what a small farm wouldContinue reading “Claude Moore Colonial Farm”

Learning by experience

I was reading through the ofamilyblog earlier today (this post) and what she said, what I quoted above, screamed out to me. I think we all realize this, and I even know this about myself and how I learn best, but I need the fresh awareness of wise thoughts like the above. I taught myselfContinue reading “Learning by experience”

When your schedule messes up your schedule

I like things neat and tidy. I live inside that box. As a homeschool mom I should have learned to let this go a long time ago. For a rule follower, list follower, in-the-box follower I can be flexible. . . sometimes.  I can’t yet consistently roll with the flow, though. When things aren’t fittingContinue reading “When your schedule messes up your schedule”

An emotional response to the “Harm of Homeschooling”

Ms. West, I am disappointed in your “Harms of Homeschooling” article (found here, scroll down to page 7). From your wording and sources it seems that your main concern is Christian fundamentalism and how these Christians are not walking in lockstep with the state to make sure their children fall in line with secular humanistContinue reading “An emotional response to the “Harm of Homeschooling””

Picking battles

Today I had to lose a battle even though I was fully capable of winning it. I know though that I’m prepared to win the war if need be. Homeschool laws are different in each state. I guess I should be happy about this because it puts power in the state’s hands, not the federalContinue reading “Picking battles”