Beautiful Hen Street

We took our 15-year anniversary trip to Amboise, France. This is the most charming town. Castle? Oui. Winding cobblestone streets? Oui. Meandering river? Oui. Hot air balloons floating lazily over the town? Oui. Beautiful storefronts? Oui. Amazing food? Mais, bien sur! Romantic streets named something like Beautiful Chicken? Even that. I love Google Maps. ItContinue reading “Beautiful Hen Street”

That one time in Amboise, France

For our 15th anniversary we went to Amboise, France. Un voyage en amoureux. Amboise is a small town along the Loire River about 2 hours south of Paris. S’il vous plaît, take a quick tour back there with me. There’s a castle looking over the city. This was once the home of the French royalContinue reading “That one time in Amboise, France”

The Eiffel Tower

For you, Nicole 🙂 I haven’t forgotten about the blog, no matter how hard I try! I can’t believe how little time I find these days to blog down my thoughts. It’s not that I’m not having them… We (mostly me, I freely admit) took over 1,000 pictures in Europe. I am thoroughly overwhelmed withContinue reading “The Eiffel Tower”