Bridges over the Seine

One of the most romantic places. The original was pretty lopsided. I cropped to straighten and then made it black and white. I cloned out the lines in the upper right corner and used an adjustment brush to make the brick of the lower bridge have more contrast. I also lightened the shadows on everything.Continue reading “Bridges over the Seine”

Beautiful Hen Street

We took our 15-year anniversary trip to Amboise, France. This is the most charming town. Castle? Oui. Winding cobblestone streets? Oui. Meandering river? Oui. Hot air balloons floating lazily over the town? Oui. Beautiful storefronts? Oui. Amazing food? Mais, bien sur! Romantic streets named something like Beautiful Chicken? Even that. I love Google Maps. ItContinue reading “Beautiful Hen Street”