A helicopter tour is a great way to see the active volcanoes on the Big Island. I believe this is part of Pu’U ‘O’O, but it could be part of Kilauea. You can see if you look closely, just under the black surface is the red lava. It flows in underground tubes into the ocean where it produces steam when the lava hits the water.

Lava flows into the ocean from the volcano Pu'U 'O'O on Hawaii's Big Island Not So SAHM

Volcano! – ProjectEdit365 – 16 July

I took this in the helicopter, so through a window. I had to crop it to straighten it. I was able to heal my reflection out. I used an HDR preset and then modified the red color using the color sliders. I decreased the vignetting that the preset added so you could see the lava at the corner of the photo. Here’s the original.


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Aqua Greetings

I got a Nikon CoolPix waterproof camera for our trip to Hawaii because I knew there would be quite a bit of time spent doing this:

A girl waves to the camera underwater in Hawaii Not So SAHM

Aqua greetings – ProjectEdit365 – 15 July

For some reason the file is very small, but I wanted to edit it anyway. The original photo was pretty green. I lowered the contrast and increased the clarity and vibrancy. I sharpened the photo and took out enough noise to reduce a lot of the graininess. If you go too high with the noise reduction though you lose clarity.  I used an adjustment brush around her eyes to sharpen those. The rest of the edit was working with the temperature and the individual color sliders (aqua and green, mostly) to get the color of the water where I wanted it (and to make her skin still look natural). The original:


You can still take a low res photo and make it look better!

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