Keeper of the boats

This guy knows the perfect spot for fishing. And his little seagull friend is waiting in the wings. While researching the bird, I found out that a white heron is the same as a great egret. I wonder what he calls himself? Full, if he can spot a fish. Even though the cropped picture stillContinue reading “Keeper of the boats”

University Bay

We visited some friends in Madison, WI during our cross-country drive last summer. The University of Wisconsin sits on Lake Mendota. The students sunbathe along the shore (on these docks), relax at waterfront cafes, and have a spectacular view pretty much anywhere in Madison (the whole town is charming). I normally like to increase theContinue reading “University Bay”

The San Giovanni

Sometimes you want to do something fun with an edit. I decided to make this look somewhat like a newspaper article. I googled the San Giovanni to figure out what type of boat it is. It is a “bottom trawl vessel” that fishes for groundfish. The original didn’t have anything special going on. I thinkContinue reading “The San Giovanni”

Sleepy Harbor

Monterey Harbor in the morning (again). It’s so beautiful, you have to capture it from every angle. The original. Definitely had to lighten it up a bit and make things a bit sharper. ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  Continue reading “Sleepy Harbor”

(layers of) Boats in the Baltimore Harbor

Dragon . . . boats Paddle . . . boats Lightship . . . boat (Chesapeake) The dragon boats are what caught my eye, but when I started studying the scene I realized there are several vessel types. With the edit, I tried to draw attention to that instead of how busy the picture is.Continue reading “(layers of) Boats in the Baltimore Harbor”

Nautical Morning

Obviously, we’re back in Monterey with these March edits. I went out one morning and shot the boats from various angles in the Monterey Bay. I’ll be showing more off probably next week. This is highly edited, but I love the final look. I layered two different Lightroom presets along with some other adjustments. AndContinue reading “Nautical Morning”