Sleepy Harbor

Monterey Harbor in the morning (again). It’s so beautiful, you have to capture it from every angle.

Boats greet the morning in Monterey Bay Harbor NotSoSAHM

Sleepy Harbor – ProjectEdit365 – 23 Mar

The original. Definitely had to lighten it up a bit and make things a bit sharper.


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Nautical Morning

Obviously, we’re back in Monterey with these March edits. I went out one morning and shot the boats from various angles in the Monterey Bay. I’ll be showing more off probably next week.

This is highly edited, but I love the final look. I layered two different Lightroom presets along with some other adjustments.

Boats are docked in the Monterey Harbor on a clear morning - NotSoSAHM

Nautical Morning – ProjectEdit365 – 13 Mar

And the original:


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China Dragon

The Chinese heritage is big in Monterey.

I loved seeing this Chinese junk boat in the harbor. Now called China Dragon, it was christened the Sea Fox (do the Chinese christen their boats?) I wish I had gotten a better shot of how different it is from all the other boats. But you can see the difference with the white boat. A stand out!

I didn’t know the name of the boat or anything about it, but I knew there had to be something on the internet about it, since it’s the only junk boat in the harbor. And my search was fruitful. Click for more info:“Historical Chinese junk boat museum”

A chinese junk boat sits in the Monterey Bay Harbor in Monterey California NotSoSAHM

China Dragon – ProjectEdit365 – 03 Mar

And the original:


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