Garden of the Gods

The old postcard view: The original is nice and colorful. There were a couple of spots on the lens that you could see in the blue sky so I cloned those out. I messed with this edit quite a bit, not really knowing what look I wanted. As I went through some of the presetsContinue reading “Garden of the Gods”

Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods sits nestled underneath Pike’s Peak. It’s hard to see it in this shot, but there are some kissing camels, too. Iconic shot in Colorado Springs. I cropped in the original to eliminate some of the unnecessary side scenery and upped the contrast. I lightened up a little the dark foreground. IContinue reading “Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods”

We Almost Went to the Zoo…but Had Lots of Fun Anyway

WARNING: Picture heavy. We’re on vacay and I tend to take lots of pictures anyway. This morning we woke up having every intention of going to the zoo. Someone forgot to tell Colorado Springs that it’s late spring (might as well be summer), because it was more like fall/winter on the drive up the mountain.Continue reading “We Almost Went to the Zoo…but Had Lots of Fun Anyway”