The Tree

I feel like I’m running out of pictures for September, and we’re only half-way through! That may mean some crazy editing and/or new techniques! In the meantime, I found a somewhat pretty but boring picture of a field, a fence, and a tree, and dressed it up a bit. To make the picture more dramatic,Continue reading “The Tree”

Sea oats

Back on the continent, the beaches can be just as beautiful. Big changes to this picture! I cropped in to focus more on the grass and fence. I also cloned out the white building. I decreased the contrast and clarity on this picture. I lowered the highlights but lightened the shadows a bit. I increasedContinue reading “Sea oats”

Iao Valley, shrouded in clouds

Iao Valley, during a summer afternoon rain. What I worked on with this picture was cloning man-made objects out. And rain spots on the lens. If you look at the original, you’ll see a parking lot with someone in a red top, a building on the left, a bare patch on the right (without muchContinue reading “Iao Valley, shrouded in clouds”

Garden of the Gods

The old postcard view: The original is nice and colorful. There were a couple of spots on the lens that you could see in the blue sky so I cloned those out. I messed with this edit quite a bit, not really knowing what look I wanted. As I went through some of the presetsContinue reading “Garden of the Gods”

Two Harbors

A long break wall juts out into Lake Superior in Two Harbors, Minnesota. At the end of the wall is a tiny lighthouse. This was a quick edit tonight since I’m traveling. I took the picture with all the negative space on purpose, so I left that as it is. To brighten the image andContinue reading “Two Harbors”

Breaking dawn

We stopped at the Ingalls¬†Homestead in DeSmet, South Dakota last summer. As in Laura Ingalls Wilder. This was the last place Pa Ingalls homesteaded. We spent the night in a covered wagon and woke up to this scenery. Other than the wind it was a perfect place. In the summer. The original was dull. IContinue reading “Breaking dawn”