What’s For Dinner?

*Hey SITStas! Thanks for stopping by! What I haven’t told Tiffany & Heather is that I’m no chef. Somehow these two recipes came out really yummy. With Murphy’s Law in full affect I fully expect to never be able to create anything else again in my life. I’ll have to get my inspiration from my Saucy SITStas. Enjoy, and please let me know how they taste once you try them!*

At 6:30pm we were all outside playing happily and enjoying the sunshine when this question was floated my direction: “what’s for dinner?” Dinner? On the weekend? You mean that’s my job too? I’ve been She That Provides Life Sustaining Nourishment for years now. Why am I all of the sudden thinking I could take a break on the weekend? Truth be told I was so busy doing the bills and then having fun outside I lost all track of time. Plus, it’s the weekend. Haven’t we started paying someone to cook for us on the weekend?


My response yesterday to this question, again at around 6:30pm, was “whatever you’re going to make us.” This was said to our six year old. In a loving tone, of course. And yes, I’m admitting that this is somewhat becoming a pattern for us on the weekend. Last night I quickly threw together breakfast for dinner. Usually breakfast for dinner includes some type of homemade dough concoction: pancakes, waffles, French toast; eggs, bacon and fruit. Last night it was frozen waffles and frozen sausage, egg and cheese biscuits. I know.


I knew quick BFD (breakfast for dinner) would not go over well tonight. Mainly because we finished off all the “quick” breakfast items last night. Switching on that creative part in my brain (because I do not like to cook without a recipe…but I’m working on it) I opened up the pantry and prayed that we had something in there. I spied a couple of random items and decided to throw them together. I came up with pasta topped with Parma Rosa sauce. And whole wheat pasta at that. You didn’t even know I knew whole wheat pasta existed did you?


My genius item (go with me here people) was what I made with the Bisquick batter. I’m going to post pictures and instructions. Toni does this over at The Happy Housewife all the time and I’m thoroughly impressed. So here goes my attempt:

Ham & Cheese Biscuits

    • Bisquick dough
    • milk
    • 3 cheese sticks (you know, the string cheese that you buy your kids)
    • approx. 1/2 to 1 cup ham chunks (pre-chunked, pre-packaged)
    • garlic powder
    • rosemary

Mix the bisquick dough and milk according to the directions on the box.

Cut the cheese sticks into halves and then halves again, lengthwise.

Then dice them. Throw these into the batter along with a handful of ham chunks. Add some garlic powder and rosemary.

Knead as normal, form into biscuits as normal. Bake at 450 for about 10 minutes or until they look done.


Y’all, these are yummy. And don’t tell me you’ve seen ham and cheese biscuits before. Have you seen them with ham chunks and cheese sticks? They’re going to become somewhat regular in my kitchen. I say somewhat because I do not make the same food over and over again. My family has one or two dishes that we have every month. But other than that I do usually cook new dishes.

When I remember to cook.