Launching the business

New years are great for new beginnings. It’s refreshing to ring in a new year with a new planner, new ideas, new resolutions. . .and this year with a new business! VSD Photography is officially launching on 01 January 2017! There are multiple reasons I’m launching at this time in my life. the girls areContinue reading “Launching the business”

My first iPhone wallpaper

I love design and color and prints. One of the first planners I bought online was from May Designs. They have cute, cute stuff and it’s ever evolving. It kind of bummed me out that I really only needed to order ONE planner. I wanted about one of each! Recently I realized that each monthContinue reading “My first iPhone wallpaper”

Love in any language (well, 8 of them) – Valentine’s craft

For Valentine’s Day, our co-op is having the kids decorate boxes and exchange valentines cards. The girls are almost finished with their box, but I wanted to show you the valentines we’ll be handing out. I found the idea on Pinterest by searching for Valentine’s and the Silhouette machine. Once I saw this one IContinue reading “Love in any language (well, 8 of them) – Valentine’s craft”

Creative juices are flowing

I pulled out the sewing machine yesterday. It’s been almost a year since I’ve done anything creative with it. I’m so sick of winter that I’ve got to be creative and make some cute things for Spring/Summer. The only problem is there is nowhere to keep the sewing machine out without things looking cluttered. HopeContinue reading “Creative juices are flowing”

So there’s this bag…

There’s an old saying about diamonds being a girl’s best friend or something. I don’t worry about that because if I started walking around sporting a lot of bling bling who would honestly believe that I could afford it all. Bags, however, are a different story. Along with shoes, but that’s a whole nother post.Continue reading “So there’s this bag…”

It’s so warm

Remember the ugly as sin hedgehog pin cushion that I sewed? Not everything I sew is bugly (butt ugly). I really can sew cute. Take a look: Yes, that’s V² doing her duty to make sure the fit is correct! I talked about making this jacket when I posted that ugly little hedgehog. It didn’tContinue reading “It’s so warm”