Girl sleeps on couch with cat. Photo by VSD Photography

Favorites from February

I looked back through the pictures I took in February and pulled out a couple of my favorites. I’m trying to be more intentional about capturing life. Funny that a photographer has to remind herself to get her camera out to capture her family. Click on any picture to see them larger.

The picture above that looks like the girl is falling – she’s not! She was doing a spin jump turn-thing and I happened to stop the motion with a fast shutter speed. I love it!

Did you capture some images in February that you love ?

December in Florida

If you’re tired of the cold, make your way down to the sunshine state.

We visited Disney World a few years ago in December. Normally the weather is very mild at this time of year, but that year — it was cold! We didn’t let that stop us from pretending though. . .

December in Florida – ProjectEdit365 – 02 Dec

The original was darker. I cropped in and lightened it. I also used a graduated filter to Warm the sunlight. I think I also used a radial filter to brighten the exposure around my daughter. Here’s the original:

Adding light

Disney does Asia. I’ll have to settle for this until I can actually get to the continent.

The light was very dim in my picture, and the people were wearing distracting reds and pinks.



I think that with the shadows brought up in the picture below there’s more movement through the picture.


Maharajah Jungle Trek in Walt Disney World NotSoSAHM

Adding light – ProjectEdit365 – 29 Feb

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