Adding light

Disney does Asia. I’ll have to settle for this until I can actually get to the continent.

The light was very dim in my picture, and the people were wearing distracting reds and pinks.



I think that with the shadows brought up in the picture below there’s more movement through the picture.


Maharajah Jungle Trek in Walt Disney World NotSoSAHM

Adding light – ProjectEdit365 – 29 Feb

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Disney World Epcot's Spaceship Earth glows with orange and yellow reflections at night NotSoSAHM

The Happiest Geosphere on Earth

This is probably one of the most photographed things in America, but I just love it. The geosphere – Spaceship Earth – at Disney’s Epcot.

The lines.

And at night, the color.

Disney World Epcot's Spaceship Earth glows with orange and yellow reflections at night NotSoSAHM

Epcot – ProjectEdit365 – 12 Feb

And then I started to wonder what it looked like in black and white:

Disney World Epcot's Spaceship Earth in Black and white at night Not So SAHM

Epcot – Black and white


Which do you prefer? Color or black and white?

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Reagan’s Birthday Surprise

Ok, I think I finally got a solution to the big video mystery. I realized my video is over 100MB. No one really likes to help you get those uploaded to the web. Thank you Heather for introducing me to Vimeo. May I love them as much after I hit the publish button as I do now.

Reagan’s Birthday Surprise from Vicki Diesing on Vimeo.

Please let me know if you can view the video.

Day 12 – Dining with Princesses

Today Reagan is 6 years old. She says it’s hard to believe she’s six and that’s it’s hard to say she’s six instead of five. Today was also Reagan’s last set of birthday surprises. She got dressed in her special birthday dress and we headed for the Magic Kingdom to “see some of the things we missed the first day we were there.” When we got there we visited the Guest Relations counter to get a birthday button. If you visit Disney World on your child’s birthday make sure you get one of these buttons. The cast members noticed the button and would wish her a happy birthday. Regular visitors would also wish her happy birthday as well. She was on top of the world after she realized how all these people knew her name (her name was written on the button).

We headed straight for Cinderella’s Castle. Back up a little bit. I woke up at 0600, like normal, for an 0800 departure. The park opens at 0900 and we needed to be at the castle at 1000. At 0700 I woke up Du and he lies around in bed for a little while. When I inquire about when he’s going to get up and get going he says, “do we really have to leave as early this morning if we don’t have to be there until 1000?” Ok. First, I woke up at the normal time so you better believe I’ll be ready to leave at the same time. If we’re going to leave later I want to sleep in a little bit. Second, it will take time to get to the castle. And once we got to DW, parked, rode the monorail  took the ferry to the park after waiting in line for the monorail only to find out that general maintenance turned into an actual breakdown, visited guest services,  entered the gates, went back to one of the gate attendants to ask for some Mickey confetti, getting some confetti, throwing said confetti into hair, and then making sure said confetti would not fall out of hair we realized we had to hoof it to the castle to check in on time. It took us 3 minutes from the entrance to the back-side of the castle. That’s fast people.

Reagan’s face lit up when she found out she was having breakfast with the Princesses. Her eyes got big and her mouth opened wide with a smile. We entered the castle and she had her picture taken with Cinderella. Then we go up a winding staircase (very reminiscent of European castles) into the dining room. Dozens of tables were filled with little girls and their families eating breakfast and being visited by princesses. We were seated and the fun began. Reagan and Ashlyn were given wands and “wishing stars” and used them to make wishes later in the breakfast.

ascending the staircaseAscending the staircase.

Each princess came over and greeted both girls. They took time to talk to Reagan and all made comments about her birthday button. Reagan was in heaven. We were too because the food was really good. What was even better was that I paid for the experience when I made the reservations so there was no sticker shock at the end of the meal (make your reservations 180 days before your visit). Ashlyn ate more than Reagan so we got two meals for one out of that. Reagan ended her meal with a birthday breakfast cupcake complete with Mickey sprinkles.

Princess AshlynLovin’ breakfast.

birthday cupcakeSee the Mickey Sprinkles? You may have to double click on the pic to enlarge it.

Before we left the castle Du took her over to some windows to look at the view outside. After they were done they headed back over to the table…with Reagan wearing only one of her glass slippers. I mention that one of her shoes is gone and then realize…she’s playing the role of Cinderella. I find the shoe, we try it on her foot and sure enough it fits. She’s Cinderella all right.

We went to Mickey’s Philharmonic and Minnie’s house after breakfast. The Philharmonic was a good 3D show. The effects were great. Reagan didn’t wear her glasses though. The 3D shows that she’s seen so far have frightened her. So she sat curled up in her chair with her fingers in her ears the whole show. Ashlyn, on the other hand, was smiling and clapping through the whole thing. She couldn’t see it in 3D, but she loves action and noise. I’m sure you didn’t know that about her by now.

We also went on the Jungle Cruise. Our “skipper” was hilarious. We were the only people who thought so, but maybe we’re the only ones with the right sense of humor. Maybe we were the only ones who could actually hear her. We were laughing through the whole thing though.

We headed over to Epcot using the monorail and meandered through the countries again. There’s so much to see in the countries and in Future World. We’re looking forward to coming back when Reagan’s older so we can spend time doing some of the more adult things.

Soon after we enter the park one of the kiosk attendants notices Reagan’s button. He asks her if she’s gotten any special phone calls today. She tells him the family members that she’s talked to on the phone. He quickly picks up the kiosk phone, dials a number and hands the phone to Reagan. It’s Goofy wishing her a happy birthday. After the phone call Reagan says, “I couldn’t say anything to Goofy because he was talking the whole time!”

goofy phonecall A Goofy Phonecall

It didn’t take long before we had to be in Norway at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall for dinner with the princesses. Here Reagan got her picture taken with Belle and other princesses visited the tables throughout dinner. Dinner was more of a Norwegian style (at least that’s what we’re told) and also very good. And once again, Ashlyn out-ate Reagan by pounds. We can’t believe this kid only weighs 16 pounds.

We were seated in a small room to the side with four tables total. Another table had a birthday girl as well. So we all sang Happy Birthday when her cake and dessert came out and everyone then sang to Reagan when her cake and our desserts came out. All the girls had so much fun. For some reason this meal wasn’t prepaid for so there was a bit of upchuck potential when we got the bill, but we managed. Actually, it wasn’t that bad compared to some of the meals we’ve eaten on this trip. Both meals were worth every penny. I highly recommend one or both if you have girls and they’re into princesses. If you have boys then you’re up the creek. I have no idea if there are boy character dinners. Are boys into that?

mickey ravioli Mickey Ravioli

It was an early night home, comparatively. We’ve come to realize that it wouldn’t be vacation if we made it home before nine or if the kids ate dinner before their regular bedtime. Usually we leave the park in the evening, then head for an internet hotspot. Then we head home. Tonight it’s 9:30pm as I write this and Du is fluctuating in and out of consciousness while trying to watch Fox News beside me. Hopefully it can be posted tonight.

Birthday nightThe end of a good birthday.

Day 8 – Magic Kingdom . . . The Perfect Surprise

(editor’s note: This post was ready to be posted yesterday–the actual day of visiting the Magic Kingdom. However, the …person who’s internet we’re “using” has somehow managed to prevent our computers from accessing any wireless internet options at the house. At least that’s what I’m believing. My computer will not connect at the house any more. So, we’re sitting in Mickey D’s right now, and this post is a day late.) 

I woke up before my alarm went off this morning (so before 0600). I just couldn’t sleep knowing what was ahead of us today. I got ready quickly, then cut Du’s hair (that duty doesn’t go on vacation), then woke Reagan and Ashlyn up at 0700. Reagan asked why we had to get up so early and I told a little white one. Actually it was true, just not the complete truth. I told her we were meeting some old friends of ours and it was going to take a while to get there. To soften things up I showed her a Disney dress that I bought at the Disney store before we left (she was with me when I bought it…that’s a whole new story of deception). I just happened to find it in my suitcase after doing laundry. It would be a great dress to wear to meet our friends. It had a little picture of Aurora on the belt buckle so she was game.

On the way to the park I mentioned that I was going to play around with the video camera to get better at shooting. So I did and Reagan obliged by being silly with Ashlyn. Then I pulled the surprise. Instead of me typing it all out watch the following:

Reagan’s Birthday Surprise from Vicki Diesing on Vimeo.

Can you hear the unsteadiness in my voice? I was tearing up the whole time. It was so sweet to see her surprise and genuine happiness.  I love her.

The whole day was good. We rode rides, waited in line, saw characters and had them sign the autograph book, watched two parades and a fireworks show. Ashlyn was even able to ride some rides. To break it up in the middle we had lunch with some friends of ours from New Mexico. Ron was my boss at the Flickinger Center. He, his wife–Pat, their daughter–Marisa, and her son–Aidan all came to meet us. They live in Florida now and are only an hour and a half away. Lucky them. We had a nice visit and a good chat.

GeisheimersThe New Mexico gang, plus a few new ones.

 The girls were so good the whole day, even Ashlyn. She was busy, but never got fussy or upset because she was contained in the stroller or being held by us. Reagan walked the whole day and never asked to be carried…until the fireworks started and she wanted to be up higher to see them.

Reagan kept saying: “Is this real? Am I dreaming?” It’s not a dream, sweetie. But you keep dreaming and they may come true.

R & the castle R with her autograph book.

A & castle A excited to be in the sunshine. (These pics did not upload…I’m working on it.)