Adding light

Disney does Asia. I’ll have to settle for this until I can actually get to the continent. The light was very dim in my picture, and the people were wearing distracting reds and pinks. Original: I think that with the shadows brought up in the picture below there’s more movement through the picture. Edited: ~~~Continue reading “Adding light”

The Happiest Geosphere on Earth

This is probably one of the most photographed things in America, but I just love it. The geosphere – Spaceship Earth – at Disney’s Epcot. The lines. And at night, the color. And then I started to wonder what it looked like in black and white: Amazing! Which do you prefer? Color or black and white?Continue reading “The Happiest Geosphere on Earth”

Reagan’s Birthday Surprise

Ok, I think I finally got a solution to the big video mystery. I realized my video is over 100MB. No one really likes to help you get those uploaded to the web. Thank you Heather for introducing me to Vimeo. May I love them as much after I hit the publish button as I doContinue reading “Reagan’s Birthday Surprise”

Day 12 – Dining with Princesses

Today Reagan is 6 years old. She says it’s hard to believe she’s six and that’s it’s hard to say she’s six instead of five. Today was also Reagan’s last set of birthday surprises. She got dressed in her special birthday dress and we headed for the Magic Kingdom to “see some of the thingsContinue reading “Day 12 – Dining with Princesses”

Day 8 – Magic Kingdom . . . The Perfect Surprise

(editor’s note: This post was ready to be posted yesterday–the actual day of visiting the Magic Kingdom. However, the …person who’s internet we’re “using” has somehow managed to prevent our computers from accessing any wireless internet options at the house. At least that’s what I’m believing. My computer will not connect at the house any more. So, we’re sittingContinue reading “Day 8 – Magic Kingdom . . . The Perfect Surprise”